H3C UniServer R4950 G5 Sets World Records of Two Performance Indicators in SPEC Tests

H3C UniServer R4950 G5 Sets World Records of Two Performance Indicators in SPEC Tests

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H3C’s independently developed dual-socket server, H3C UniServer R4950 G5, has created new world records offloating-point performance test results in two benchmark tests of well-known SPEC CPU 2017, scoring 217 points in SPECspeed®2017_fp_base test and 225 in SPECspeed®2017_fp_peak test. SPEC, also named the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, is a non-profit corporation to create a standard set of benchmark tests to evaluate performance and energy efficiency for the newest generation of computing systems.

The SPEC CPU®2017 Floating Point Speed Result officially published by Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC)

As one of the most authoritative performance benchmark tests of computing systems, SPEC’s benchmark suites have been widely recognized by many users around the world. The results of SPEC’s benchmark tests are regarded by users from industries including finance, telecommunications, and securities as certified performance indicators in selection of IT systems.

H3C UniServer R4950 G5, a universal server product, can support all AMD EPYC Rome series processors andwork with DDR4 3200MHz memory kit. Besides its powerful performance, H3C UniServer R4950 G5 can also support enhanced security features, such as AMD Secure Memory Encryption (SME) and Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV). The server allows flexible configuration schemes and caters to different demands of users in various industries, providing complete computing support for scenarios including virtualization, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) storage, and high-performance computing.

Operation and maintenance (O&M) of the server product has been significantly simplified, thanks to its intelligent system designs. H3C UniServer R4950 G5 enables users’ O&M teams for high efficiency with the help of the server’s intelligent data management platform Hybrid Cloud Data Management (HDM), touchable intelligent management module, Fast Intelligent Scalable Toolkit (FIST) and other tools.

Moreover, equipped with an all-round smart security system comprising multiple security mechanisms, such as the TCM module, safe cabinet, and intrusion alarm system, the product saves users from worries over the risk of illegal intrusion and guarantees safe and stable operation.

H3C UniServer R4950 G5 server is now widely used in various fields, including the Internet, cloud computing, data center, and telecommunications. By realizing agile response to upper-layer applications and dynamic optimization of workload, the product forms a more flexible computing system for users, thus greatly improving the performance of various applications and continuously facilitating business innovations.

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