Drives Digital Transformation of Power Industry



China's power grid has undergone more than 10 years of phased reorganization, transitionig from "separation of the plant and network" to "separation of distribution and sales," and from "smart grid" to "energy Internet." During these ongoing reforms, digitalization has increased the level of commercialization in all aspects of its electricity production, operation and management.

The need for digitalization in power grid reorganization has become more apparent as new technologies continue to emerge and advance.H3C has been a key participant in and promoter of power digitalization, and is playing an active role in the construction of the energy internet. H3C,in cooperation with its many industry partners, provides clients with comprehensive, practical energy internet solutions based on advanced internet technologies, such as SDN, cloud computing, big data, security, Internet of Things, and mobile applications.

With assistance from H3C, one of China's largest power enterprises has completed its digitalization.H3C has helped the client complete large projects such as dispatch production networks, data communication networks, information extranets, a central production center, three disaster recovery center headquarters, and multiple provincial data centers, as the contractor with the largest share of the projects.H3C was the first to apply industry-leading digital technologies, such as cloud computing, SDN, integrated operation and management platforms, and customized NMS, in customer contracts.

H3C Helped The Customer Become A Go-to Dispatch Construction Enterprise

The customer owns the world's largest, highest-voltage, transmission and distribution network. Due to exacting safety, stability, and controllability requirements for systems in production, the customer is very cautious in its application of new technologies. The widespread launch of West-East Power Transmission, advance of AC-DC UHV demonstration projects, incremental development of cross-regional power trading, exploration and promotion of new services such as energy-efficient dispatching WAMS and OMS, and development of modern communication, security technologies and emergency command systems for natural disasters, are all developments which impose new, increased demands on dispatch and production, and have grown into genuinely urgent issues. Moreover, operational experience has dictated that data networks be digitalized in preparation for future development.

Since the start of their cooperation in 2003,H3C has assisted with the construction of and upgrades to the first state-level dispatching data network. The customer's experience with its dual-plane dispatching and communications data network, headquarters regulation cloud platform, and Shanghai e-distribution big data platform have made H3C their first-choice for dispatch construction.

SDN Operation/Maintenance Integration Sets a New Trend in Power Network Solutions

Problems for traditional data center networks have arisen from the power industry's ongoing digitalization, which have complicated their management, operation and maintenance, and led to senseless allocation of network resources. These networks also lack the capacity for virtualization, and for adaptation to future applications such as cloud computing, data warehousing, data mining, and virtualization. Separation of control from forwarding SDN (Software Defined Networking) methods provides a new set of solutions to such problems.

The customer began research into SDN-related technologies and products in 2013 alongside H3C,and some provincial power companies have already put SDN technology into practice. Reliable, high-efficiency, and stable, SDN networking addresses the cloud service demand for resources which can be brought on-line quickly, and adjusted flexibly. SDN networking eases network automation and intelligent deployment, improves network resource utilization, network operation and maintenance efficiency, and copes well with legacy networks. It now forms the technological foundation of cloud applications.

Power Industry Core Productivity - Data Center Construction

The sustained and rapid development of China's economy and society has made the construction of an integrated application platform a focus for application of power digitalization. Information services have become crucial for company productivity, and the customer is making efforts to further leverage enterprise information with Enterprise Resource Planning (SG-ERP3.0). H3C's data center products and solutions helped the customer complete planning, consulting, system architecture design, project construction and smooth service migration of its production center headquarters, as well as three disaster recovery centers in Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai.

Alongside the customer's steady progress along the road toward digitalization in addition to its primary business, H3C has also supported improvements in terminal management and control platforms, intelligent inspection applications, customer service systems, and wireless networks, thereby not only improving overall management efficiency, but also optimizing the power service experience, and keeping the customer at the energy industry forefront of the energy Internet.

Digital smart grids require smart partners. H3C is, without a doubt, the most reliable partner available in terms of power industry digitalization. Now in its 14th year in the industry, H3C continues to develop innovative industry solutions, meeting the development requirements of the utility industry in various phases, and has established a number of landmark industry practices in the field of digitalization. In the coming new era, H3C will continue to play a critical role in reorganizing, modernizing, and digitalizing of the power industry.