H3C: the Leader in Digital Solutions


H3C, subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, announced the launch of its new brand positioning “the leader in digital solutions” on January 5, 2018, aiming to be the most reliable partner in helping customers with business innovation and digital transformation.

Digital transformation has brought profound impact to every industry, and industries are confronted with the brand new challenges brought by digital transformation when new technologies, including cloud computing, Big Data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, are advancing the industrial development. In this new era, only digital solutions that integrate technological innovation, scene applications and ecology cooperation can better energize the digital economy, and create the promising and lively digital future.

“Shape the digital future for a better life”, this is the vision of information technology development in the new era, and the brand new company vision of H3C as a leader in digital solutions in the digital economy era.

The mission of digital transformation

Different people and organizations understand and define digital transformation differently. The research conducted by the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management at MIT lists five strategic aims of digital transformation: improving the customer experience, enhancing personnel’s efficiency, encouraging innovation, accelerating decision making and realizing the transformation of business.

Tony Yu, President and CEO of H3C Group

Tony Yu, President and CEO of H3C Group

The digital transformation is not to be accomplished at one stroke; it is a long-term endeavor that involves company culture, organizational process, business mode and personnel capability. Tony Yu, president and CEO of H3C Group holds that the ultimate goal of digital transformation is to enhance the efficiency, lower the cost, improve the experience and provide products or services of higher value. Digital transformation means more than the simple IT upgrading and the arrangement of new IT solutions; it means to bring IT from backstage to the front stage, to become open, to strive for an integrated success instead of a single fight via the innovation driven by new IT, and therefore to encourage the comprehensive business innovation throughout the company.

How can IT companies to bear the mission of becoming the leader in digital transformation in this new era of digital economy? A leader in digital transformation needs to be equipped with the following four leading abilities: the leadership in advanced thoughts, technical leadership, industrial leadership and ecological leadership. And H3C, who aims to be the leader in digital solutions, is equipped with these four leading abilities.

The most reliable partner in digital transformation

H3C has been bearing since its beginning the mission of accelerating the industrial upgrading with its new IT power and assisting in promoting the new economic development in China. As one of the few domestic manufacturers that have the ability to provide the complete new IT infrastructure including computing, saving and internet, and digital solutions of cloud computing, Big Data, internet security and Internet of Things, H3C offers customers the comprehensive digital solutions that highly relate to the applying scenes, as well as the comprehensive support of consultancy, technology, application and training for customers’ business innovation. H3C aims to be the best comprehensive partner in customers’ digital transformation.

Shape the digital future and share the beautiful life

According to the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, people’s better life is now the prior goal of work. Similarly, giving more people the benefits of the digital economic development is the achievable goal that should be realized of the common information and communication technology.

The integration of human’s best creations once promoted the development of history and civilization, making the world what it is now. At this moment, in the exciting digital era, the technological innovation and the fusion of industries are changing the global economic developing pattern and people’s life styles. And in the future, we can expect that the power of integration will further break down the bounds, eliminate the digital gaps and to bring out the best of technology and human creativity.

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C will treat the digital solutions as the brush and the power of integration as color to draw a better digital future picture and to give people a better life that everyone enjoys.