H3C Provides Unified Wired and Wireless Solution for Holiday Inn Golden Mile

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"Thanks to H3C's strong pre-sales support, excellent service and professionalism support, our wired and wireless solution was well-planned and the installation was trouble free, " said Eric Lai, IT Manager, Holiday Inn Golden Mile. " And with H3C, hotels can deliver secure, high performance and reliable wired and wireless solutions to our guests."


Situated in the middle of Kowloon's popular Tsim Sha Tsui business and entertainment district, the Holiday Inn Golden Mile has an unbeatable location. However, to continue cultivating its growing core of loyal customers, the hotel wanted to offer guests something extra – high-speed wired and wireless connectivity throughout all of its 614 rooms and in all public spaces.

Having decided to provide its guests with high-quality, value-added connectivity services, the hotel still faced a major challenge. It had to find a solution provider that was capable of designing and implementing a secure and reliable unified wired and wireless network infrastructure covering the entire building. In addition, the new network had to be easy to manage in order to keep the operating costs low and allow the hotel's IT staff to remain efficient and productive.

After a thorough review of available solutions on the market, the Holiday Inn Golden Mile selected H3C's unified wired and wireless solution.

The Solution

H3C helped the Holiday Inn Golden Mile to deploy a complete, end-to-end wired and wireless solution. With more than 40 of H3C's S3100-EI PoE and non-PoE access switches and nearly 200 of the company's 802.11n-based WA2610E FIT wireless access points (AP), every guest can enjoy high-speed wired and wireless services throughout the hotel.

All access switches are connected to S5500-EI core switch, providing excellent security, reliability and multi-service support capability. The S5500-EI is the best choice in the convergence and core layers of medium-sized enterprise networks, including hotel infrastructure.

A WX5004 wireless controller is connected to the S5500-EI core switch and works together with WA2610E APs to provide wireless access at speeds up to six times that of a traditional 802.11a/b/g network. The WA2610E features three built-in antennas, and supports for IEEE 802.1 protocols, including a, b, g and n. The wireless part of the solution greatly enhances radio frequency signal management, user mobility and authentication while ensuring a stable and secure wireless coverage throughout the hotel.

Why H3C?

Holiday Inn Golden Mile chose H3C for its wired and wireless project because of the vendor's proven track record in building complex network solutions that deliver superior product performance, high-quality service and cost effectiveness. H3C worked closely with the hotel's IT staff to help plan and deploy the network.

By understanding the hotel's needs, H3C provided the best professional advice and technology tools to carry out the site survey and to ensure that the AP devices installed throughout the hotel offered good coverage. H3C's professionalism and attention to detail allowed it to deliver the wired and wireless network solution on time and on budget.

H3C's unparalleled technical expertise and dedication has enabled the Holiday Inn Golden Mile to offer its guests consistent, quality wired and wireless access – a highly desirable value-added service for both business and leisure travelers.

The Benefits

One of the most compelling benefits of the network upgrade is thatHoliday Inn Golden Mile can now deliver fast and efficient wired and wireless network connections, without the need for complex or time-consuming management.

H3C's wireless network solution allows hotel guests to enjoy fast, secure and always-on service in the comfort of their rooms and anywhere else in the hotel they choose to go. By using H3C, Holiday Inn Golden Mile has been able to realise lower total cost of ownership and a higher return on its IT investment.

The H3C wireless solution allows the hotel's IT staff to fully manage and track the performance, power, and channel status via the wireless controller which greatly simplifies wireless network management.