H3C Constructs a VPN to Connect Ping An’s 3000 Sites to Headquarters

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As a leading financial service provider in China, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd (“Ping An”) offers a comprehensive range of products and services that span insurance, securities, banking, asset management and more. Ping An owns one of China’s largest distribution network, and has recently launched a VPN project aimed at connecting its 3,000 outlets distributed nationwide with its HQ service system.

H3C Solution

Through careful consideration, Ping An finally selected H3C to build its nationwide VPN network. Two H3C SecPath F1000 devices are deployed at the core as the central VPN gateway, and 3,000 H3C SecPath F100 devices as the branch VPN gateway. H3C’s patented dynamic VPN technology has addressed the issues caused by dynamic IP addresses and NAT traversal, thus facilitating the construction and release of dynamic VPN tunnels. The solution eliminates the performance bottleneck arising from the hub and spoke VPN structure, while making configuration and installation an easy job.

With a H3C VPN Manager, the VPN system can unify the management of network equipment, VPN equipment and operating system. Also equipped with a Branch of Intelligent Management System (BIMS), the VPN system provides the ability to centrally manage and deliver OS, batch, configuration and security policies for the 3000 SecPath F100.

Benefits for Customers

The VPN project gives Ping An’s remote outlets timely and secure access to the resources at the headquarters and reduces CAPEX significantly.

The user-friendly VPN manager and BIMS greatly facilitate VPN management and configuration as well as massive network equipment management across a network.