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H3C Certified Specialist for Intelligent Management Center (H3CS-iMC) certification can help you master the wired/wireless network intelligent management, network terminal security access management, intelligent analysis of network usage and other comprehensive theoretical knowledge and operational skills required for the deployment of network intelligent management center, so that you can be competent in the construction and management of medium and large complex networks.

H3CS-iMC certification target participants:

  • Engineers and IT managers engaged in network technologies from all industries
  • College students majored in Computer Science
  • Enthusiasts that wish to fully understand and manage the basic knowledge and common technologies of network technology
  • Those who want to be technicians or salespeople in the communications industry
  • Agent technicians of H3C
  • H3C certified lecturers
  • Maintenance and operation personnel of network products of H3C
How to obtain
H3CS-iMC certification?
Application process
Review certification prerequisites
Attended and passed the H3C Certified Network Engineer (H3CNE) exam.
Complete recommended training
Training programs recommended for H3CS-iMC certification are:
  • Construction of an integrated and open intelligent management center V2.0
Learn exam requirements
  • You will be awarded the certificate for passing the following exam: GB0-961 Construction of an integrated and open intelligent management center
Register for exam
The exam for the H3CS-iMC certification is arranged by H3C, please contact local H3C Office for details of exam venues and en-rollment procedures.
Validity and recertification

Candidates who pass the GB0-961 exam will be awarded a unified H3CS-iMC certificate issued by H3C, valid for three years. Upon expiry, candidates must re-enroll for a H3CS-iMC certification exam.