H3C WA6126 New Generation Access Point

H3C WA6126 is a Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access point (AP) individually developed by New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (H3C). The AP adopts a dual-band and six-stream design with a maximum access rate of 5.375 Gbps. For 5 GHz radio 4 spatial streams, the maximum negotiation rate is 4.8 Gbps. For 2.4 GHz radio 2 spatial streams, the maximum negotiation rate is 0.575 Gbps. It meets the high bandwidth and high concurrency requirements of common high-density indoor scenarios.

The installation of H3C WA6126 wireless AP is flexible, with panel mounting, wall mounting, and ceiling mounting available. The dual network port design enables link aggregation and internal and external network isolation.

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