H3C S1600V2 Gigabit Access Web Managed Switch Series

H3C S1600V2 Ethernet switch product is independently developed by New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (H3C). It is a web managed switch designed for network environments. It is easy to install, provides a rich set of features, and is widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises, commercial chains, CCTV, campuses, and other scenarios.

H3C S1600V2 switch series includes the following models:

* S1600V2-6P:5GE+1*SFP

* S1600V2-10P:9GE+1*SFP

* S1600V2-6P-HPWR:4*GE(poe+)+1GE+1*SFP

* S1600V2-10P-HPWR:8*GE(poe+)+1*SFP+1GE

* S1600V2-18P:16GE+2*SFP

* S1600V2-26P:24GE+2*SFP

* S1600V2-18P-HPWR:16GE(poe+)+2*SFP

* S1600V2-26P-HPWR:24GE(poe+)+2*SFP

* S1600V2-26S:24GE+2*SFP+

* S1600V2-26S-HPWR:24GE(poe+)+2*SFP+

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