H3C S5130S-LI Series Simplified Gigabit Access Switches

As Gigabit speed Layer 2 Ethernet switch, H3C S5130S-LI is the second generation intelligent managed switches designed for networks requiring high performance, high port density, high uplink bandwidth and easy to use.

H3C S5130S-LI series switch offers Gigabit connectivity and high bandwidth with10/100/1000 autosensing ports and 10G SFP+ uplink.

H3C S5130S-LI series switch includes two models as follows:

S5130S-28S-LI: 24-port 10/100/1000TX Ethernet, 4-port SFP+;

S5130S-52S-LI: 48-port 10/100/1000TX Ethernet, 4-port SFP+;

*Warranty Information:Limited Lifetime Warranty Basic 9x5 10BD-Ship service(5Y)

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