H3C MSR3600 Router Series

As SDN, cloud computing, and AI technologies bring revolutionized changes to the networking landscape, a growing number of enterprises are driving digital business transformation, which requires enterprise WANs to provide the following capabilities:

SDN-WAN capacity—Provides visibility into link quality and business traffic on the WAN, and allows management, control, and scheduling of business traffic, and enables good use experience with enterprise businesses.

Higher network performance—Increased complexity of traffic models driven by development of enterprise businesses requires more converged and diversified network services. Network devices must provide higher forwarding capacity to align with the growing needs.

Simple, automated network management—Simplifies network device management and maintenance, improves efficiency, and reduces management costs.

To embrace these opportunities and challenges, H3C has developed new-generation MSR3600 router series based on ten years of experience in enterprise and carrier network construction and profound technology accumulation. The router delivers the following features:

Uses the industry-leading high-performance multi-core processor, which offers outstanding concurrent service processing capability in combination with H3C's advanced software and hardware architecture.

Supports a full range of SD-WAN features including OpenFlow, telemetry, segment routing, NETCONF, and zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and can work in conjunction with H3C AD-WAN controllers to deliver extraordinary SD-WAN management and use experience.

Integrated with H3C IMC, the router provides centralized management and monitoring of devices, bulk software upgrade, automated configuration deployment, configuration rollback, and fault alarming, improving O & M efficiency and reducing the TCO significantly.

Employs rich VPN interconnect technologies, including IPSec, L2TP, and ADVPN and robust encryption algorithms to provide secure VPN access in various scenarios.

H3C MSR3600 routers include the following models: MSR3610-X1, MSR3610E-X1, MSR3620-DP, MSR3620-X1, MSR3640-X1 and MSR3640-X1-HI.

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