H3C AD-Campus Solution

In this era of digital economy, new and innovative applications emerge every day. These applications bring great impact on traditional campus networks and the construction demand for campus networks changes from day to day. To address needs of users from all walks of life and at different levels for campus network services in this challenging environment, H3C designed the application-driven campus (AD-Campus) solution. AD-Campus provides innovative solutions for service deployment, endpoint management and control, and O&M management on campus networks to meet various requirements of users and brings automated, intelligent, unified, and reliable campus network services to users.

Designed on an innovative cloud-native architecture, H3C AD-Campus solution can provide unified network control, orchestration, and management not only in a single scenario and but also across multiple scenarios including campus, data center, and WAN scenarios. With fine-grained data collection by SeerAnalyzer-Campus and big data and AI-assisted data analytics, AD-Campus brings AIOps to campus networks. It combines VXLAN and the concept of software-defined networking (SDN) to create a new-generation flexible infrastructure network. The solution converts campus networks from "users adapt to network" to "network adapt to users", enabling users to seamlessly roam in a campus network in an isolated way without network settings adjustment. It reduces complexity in network deployment and maintenance and meets the requirements for campus networks in this era of AI, mobility, and IoT.

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