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Hotel and Scenic Spot

With the rapid development of World's economy and tourism industry, the hospitality industry is expanding year by year and the competition is intensifying. Internationalization and intelligence have gained increasing concern in such competitions. The new demands of business travelers in this information age urge hotels to focus on the informatization and intelligence of their services. In addition, the hotel's own information management level and its ability to provide network communication services also become important factors of star hotel evaluation.

Guests, especially business travelers, have higher network-based comprehensive demands for the information services offered by hotels other than just the ability to surf the Internet. On the other hand, hotels need to figure out the online services that can be provided through the bandwidth network built internally, and such services can not only bring convenience and enjoyment to the guests, but also bring considerable benefits to the hotels.

By the convergence of IP voice/video, wireless communication, storage technology and basic network technology, the H3C hotel integrated business solution effectively improves the information management level of hotels, reduces operating costs, and provides customers with a variety of services to help improve hotel occupancy and profit margin. Finally, it helps hotels increase their income and profit, reduce expenditure, and therefore realize the win-win for both hotels and hotel guests.

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