H3C Corporation Conducted the First Technical Training for its Customers in Russia to Help Drive Digital Transformation

H3C Corporation Conducted the First Technical Training for its Customers in Russia to Help Drive Digital Transformation

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July 14, 2021 - Moscow – H3C, the leader in digital solutions, announces successful technical training for Russian customers. This is the first offline customer training conducted by H3C Technologies in Russian language in Russia.

The event was intended to help partners and customers of H3C Technologies in Russia to faster navigate and configure equipment, as well as work with technical descriptions and configuration files. After the training, organizations' specialists will be able to find and fix technical issues. In addition, the knowledge gained from the training will help technicians reconfigure H3C equipment in a short time, without impacting services on their network.

The speakers at this event were Antonov Ivan Sergeevich (Антонов Иван Сергеевич), an employee of the technical support department of H3C Corporation's subsidiary in Russia, and Kontiev Anton Sergeevich (Контиев Антон Сергеевич), an engineer of H3C ASP authorised service provider. During the training the experts touched upon such topics as switching, routing, wireless solutions and network security. In addition, IT solutions based on H3C servers were reviewed as well, and additional information on numerous questions from the training participants was provided.

The event was attended by ten technical staff from six Russian customer organisations representing government agencies, construction, IT, communication services and others.

Despite the serious challenges of the pandemic, H3C's effective technical support and localization work in the Russian market continues. At the beginning of the year H3C Technologies also held online training courses H3C NE (network engineer) and H3C SE (senior engineer). H3C representatives plan to continue conducting training events for customers throughout the year - both online and offline formats.

"We try to organise such events for our partners' and customers' technical staff on a regular basis. Thanks to such initiatives, customer interaction and technical support are taken to a new, proactive level. This includes increasing confidence in the equipment supplier. Our company is open for interaction and support of its customers and partners, we are always happy to cooperate and are focused on the result," said Antonov Ivan Sergeevich (Антонов Иван Сергеевич), technical support department officer of H3C Corporation's division in Russia.

As the national Digital Economy 2024 program develops, the demand for ICT technologies in the Russian market is growing. H3C Technologies provides a single-window solution for the Russian market, including cloud computing, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G technology and others. The company relies on a comprehensive digital infrastructure capability in areas such as computing, storage, Internet, security, etc., and also provides special services and technical training to assist local customers from various industries in their digital transformation process.

For more information about H3C, please visit the website at https://www.h3c.com/ru/