H3C UIS HCI Solution: The Essential Upgrade For A New Digital Economy Era In Malaysia

H3C UIS HCI Solution: The Essential Upgrade For A New Digital Economy Era In Malaysia

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Malaysia is on its path to a new era of digitalizing its economy, otherwise known as Industrial Revolution 4.0. This, of course, is the result of the global COVID-19 pandemic which has caused various businesses to unsuspectingly slump throughout this year alone. One major chance of survival for these companies, especially traditional-based ones, is to fully embrace the shift to digitalization.

H3C, an industry leader in the provision of digital solutions, aims to help Malaysian companies to achieve this. The company is committed to offer its deep understanding and precise judgement on the business development trend and digital transformation needs of major industries. This is a major opportunity for companies to further establish their presence in current technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), Big Data, Cloud, 5G, IoT (Internet of Things) and so on.

Why H3C?

The industry leader has participated in the informationalized construction of major industries for more than 30 years. Therefore, as part of H3C’s acceleration of expanding its overseas market, Malaysia is chosen to be on the key markets for rapid digital transformation.

Every sector in Malaysia – regardless whether its government, education, enterprises, power & energy, healthcare or finance – will require digital innovative solutions to move forward in the next phase of the country’s Industrial Revolution 4.0. A new era of digital economy requires serious upgrades in the way. And H3C is here to help with its UIS HCI solution.

What is H3C UIS HCI Solution?

The HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) products UIS (Unified Infrastructure System) is a new generation of cloud data center infrastructure solution for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This cloud computing environment can be built in just 30 minutes via a simple hardware architecture platform with only servers, switches, and a unified software defined data center resource pool.

Physical hardware and virtual resources of computing, storage and network are monitored and managed by the HCI solution in a unified way, therefore enabling it to be deployed quickly and flexibly. This also helps reduce the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by unified management through a simple interface, which makes it the best infrastructure platform for cloud computing.

H3C offers its UIS HCI Solution via three server platforms: UIS-Cell 3000 series, UIS-Cell 6000 G3, and UIS 9000. All three are pre-installed with the industry-leading UIS HCI 7.0 software which integrates computing, storage, network, security, operations and management (O&M), and cloud platforms.

Worthwhile Features

H3C UIS-Cell 6000 G3

The H3C UIS HCI satisfies confidentiality and compliance requirements by providing monitoring, security audits and protection at different layers of the system. These include one-key encryption for designated hard disks, support access controls, a unified and standardized audit functionality port for Syslog and Web Service to third-party security monitoring platforms, highly-detailed dashboards that allow for straightforward status monitoring or maintenance, and much more.

H3C UIS-Cell 3020 G3

The solution is agile; providing convergence options for management, kernel, and cloud platforms. These are achieved via a unified management platform for software capabilities, virtualized kernel and IPv6, high performance virtual network switching, as well as integration with cloud platforms to provide rich cloud functionalities.

H3C UIS 9000

The HCI supports an open interface such as open, standardized REST API that are compatible with OpenStack interface and plugins. There’s also open platform support, enabling it to be compatible with over 200 common guest operating systems (GuestOS) and more than 20 open source and commercial Network Function Virtualization (NFV) components. Additionally, the solution supports open collaboration such as open security, backups, industry applications and cloud management, cross-industry convergence, and so on.

Digital Industry Innovation With AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen as a crucial factor to seize the initiative in the global technological competition. Concurrently, it is also an important strategic resource for promoting the development of technology, the optimization and upgrades of industries, and the overall advances in productivity growth. AI has huge potential capabilities in generating new momentum for economic development and creating new forms of intelligent economies.

So far, H3C has integrated numerous AI technologies in its self-developed products. For example, SeerNetwork Architecture (SNA) can carry out automated service deployments and risk forecasts based on user intent or network status analysis, thus enabling networks to become more intelligent. At the same time, the company also provides the software and hardware infrastructure of AI computing, as well as comprehensive AI industry solutions.

H3C believes that the reform of production modes, AI and automated technologies will replace 40-50% of jobs in the future, while increasing efficiency at the same time. Infrastructure innovations provide higher computing power, which makes cloud-edge-terminal collaboration an important means of AI application deployment.

The Time Is Now

The need to be future ready is crucial, especially for a business that wishes to grow in the new era of Malaysia’s digital economy. H3C is committed to becoming the most trusted partner of Malaysian businesses, and provide them with essential digital solutions as well as cloud service and computing.

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