H3C Launches New-Gen ICT Converged Gateways

H3C Launches New-Gen ICT Converged Gateways

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H3C, relying on its advantages in end-to-end technologies and profound understanding of users’ demands, launched a series of new-generation information and communications technology (ICT) converged gateways, to assist users to quickly adapt to different scenarios, realize customized applications, and comprehensively improve the efficiency and reliability of business handling.

These new products came amid a new round of revolution happening to gateway devices. On one hand, future gateways must be multifunctional, open and diverse, and able to operate open and smart applications. On the other hand, as gateway devices are becoming more and more integrated, they will also evolve with smarter SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology.

The new products launched by H3C include SR6602-I, SR6602-IE, MSR3610-I-DP, and MSR3610-IE-DP ICT Converged Gateways. They are extremely innovative and open gateways that integrate information technology (IT) and communications technology (CT) resources, and support standard and open platforms for smart applications. These devices offer low-latency, high-efficiency and management-easy networks for the smart connection of businesses, boasting a leading position in the industry, especially in terms of multifunction integration, the number of interfaces, slot expansion, as well as the openness of and support for multifunctional platforms.

H3C SR6602-I and SR6602-IE ICT Converged Gateways

The ICT converged gateways adopt H3C’s professional network operating system and support hard disk expansion, integrating six major capabilities in one, namely security, switches, wireless, routers, cloud computing and storage capabilities.

The new H3C products support Gigabit Ethernet (GE) optical port, GE electrical port, USB management port, console port, and a series of other wireless communication interfaces. These products are equipped with 2 GE Combo and 6 GE ports, which meets the demand for most scenarios of branch networks. In addition, the ICT converged gateways also support unified quick deployment of CT and IT businesses through USB flash disks.

A rich variety of expansion slots are provided on the new-gen H3C ICT converged gateways, and they support expansion of common serial communication interfaces such as RS232/485. Apart from that, they can also be inserted with 5G, Wi-Fi、Zigbee, Bluetooth and other wireless communication modules, and even reserve slots for 2.5-inch SATA HDD/SSD.

H3C MSR3610-I-DP and MSR3610-IE-DP ICT Converged Gateways

H3C MSR3610-I ICT Converged Gateway series, as a hit among H3C’s new ICT converged gateways, combines multiple services, such as unified network management, access certification, Eagle Vision scanning, wireless probe, cloud class card, which offers an open operation environment and satisfying the demand for customized applications and quick integration of businesses in different scenarios. Besides, the AD-WAN (Application-Driven Wide Area Network) management platform built in it is able to put CT and IT businesses under unified control. H3C MSR3610-I ICT Converged Gateway series supports Eagle Vision 2.0 scanner, so it is able to sense network connection, recognize access devices, and manage baselines, making networks trustable, visible and controllable.

So far, H3C ICT converged gateway solutions have been applied in multiple scenarios, such as smart transportation, smart health service, and smart education. They have been massively deployed by a carrier in Thailand. It is believed that these new products of H3C will start and lead a new journey for converged gateways in the 5G era.