H3C’s Core Routers Enable China Telecom Guangdong to Provide High-quality Networking for All Businesses

H3C’s Core Routers Enable China Telecom Guangdong to Provide High-quality Networking for All Businesses

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China Telecom Yunfu Branch in Guangdong Province has recently used H3C’s CR19000-20 Core Routers to bear full services for its Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). As the egress nodes of Yunfu City’s MAN of China Telecom’s 163/CN2 backbone network, CR19000-20 bears various telecommunications services such as public broadband, voice, Interactive Television (ITV), Internet Data Center (IDC), and government or enterprise specific business networks. This move marks that H3C has stepped on a new journey of comprehensively serving the MAN and backbone network of China Telecom, which also demonstrates the carrier’s recognition and affirmation of H3C’s carrier-class core router products.

H3C CR19000 series core routing products

The CR19000-20 Core Routers deployed in this project is H3C’s flagship high-end routers products. The core router can be deployed in multiple modes, including standalone, back-to-back, and 3+12 cluster modes, and hence can satisfy customers’ demands for strong performance in multiple scenarios. Meanwhile, thanks to its designing of Software Defined Network (SDN) structure and green and energy efficiency, which fulfills the future development trend of the network, the CR19000-20 has won acclaim from carriers including China Telecom.

H3C, a trustworthy core value partner of carriers, launches overall cooperation with China Telecom, and has so far penetrated into three business scenarios of China Telecom, that is, WAN, mobile bearer network, and backbone network. H3C has successfully won the bids and taken them into implementation as for the construction of the multi-service edge (MSE) routers in 15 provinces and 5G Smart Transport Bearer Network in 14 provinces. Therefore, with the accumulation of technology in two areas of broadband fixed network and mobile bearer network, H3C actively cooperates with China Telecom in pushing forward technology evolution and running innovation pilot programs in new-type MAN which features integration of fixed and mobile networks, aiming at providing better products and solutions in China Telecom’s future network construction.