H3C Helps Enterprises Build an Intelligent Full-stack Cloud

H3C Helps Enterprises Build an Intelligent Full-stack Cloud

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Digitalization provides a driving force for the transformations of enterprises, and provides strong support and guarantee for industrial upgrade. Among them, cloud computing plays a role of a basic platform and bears a heavy responsibility for rapid processing and monetization of enterprise data.

Given that cloud architectures such as open source technologies are becoming more and more mature, large enterprises are responding to the times by focusing on improving digital system construction, building a cloud platform suitable for their own business, promoting digital transformation and upgrade, and building a digital platform to improve business efficiency, reduce operating costs, and optimize service experience.

However, to tackle with the challenges brought by rapidly iterating cloud computing technologies, large enterprises need transformation partners with both foresight and technical strength to accurately grasp their business needs and build a cloud platform that is both practical and innovative.

H3C, a leader in digital solutions, integrates its own comprehensive technical strengths such as digital infrastructure, cloud and intelligent platforms, and active security and unified O&M services, and has accumulated years of profound experience in serving large enterprises in various industries. This way, H3C offers them a cloud platform that can ensure stable development of existing businesses and support flexibility and rapid innovation of new businesses, thus promoting further acceleration of digital transformation.

Gaining insights into needs: trilogy for enterprises to build an intelligent full-stack cloud

For large enterprises, the huge business scale, the complex organizational structure, and a large number of original facilities have posed a series of challenges to the planning and construction of cloud.

H3C, an active player engaged in the cloud transformation of various industries, has drawn on past practices for a trilogy for building a cloud. The first step is to promote the migration of applications to cloud. More specifically, build an IaaS cloud at the group level through the centralization of the non-real-time businesses of subordinate units, which can achieve the advantages of intensification and improvement of resource utilization. Secondly, a unified application needs to be created for the group, and all subordinate units share one set of application systems through the construction of PaaS+SaaS cloud. This can not only avoid repeated software construction, but also unify data and standards. The third step is to create an industrial ecosystem to provide industry cloud services through the Internet. Through the integration of the industrial chain, a cost center could be transformed to a profit center.

From technology to practice: driving the innovations of enterprises with the empowerment of cloud

The trilogy for enterprises to build a cloud seems simple, yet it involves the convergence of current digital technologies, products and ecology, and requires cloud platform builders to have full-cycle technological innovation strengths ranging from top-level planning, architecture deployment, platform construction to application.

As one of a few industry-wide digital solution providers that can meet all-round needs of large enterprises, H3C, based on the “Digital Brain Project 2020”, can not only create a flexible software-defined infrastructure for enterprises and deploy flexible scalability of resources of computing, storage, and interconnection. In addition, relying on profound technical accumulation in areas such as OpenStack, K8S, and Docker, H3C has created a cloud and intelligent platform for the enterprises to carry a smart application ecology of business at the top and implement unified architecture management and control at the bottom. Furthermore, H3C provides reliable guarantees in active security and unified O&M services, thereby driving agile innovation of business on the premise of building a robust architecture.

H3C has helped more than 20 Fortune 500 enterprises including China Resources and China General Technology Group as well as other industry-leading companies complete cloud deployment.

With the acceleration of new infrastructure project, large enterprises are moving towards a new stage of development in which cloud transformation promotes efficiency upgrade. H3C will rely on rich industry insights and leading cloud computing technologies, innovate hand in hand with industry leaders in a flexible cooperation mode, and advance the process of digital transformation in the Intelligent Era.