H3C is shortlisted for China Mobile’s 2020-2021 Hardware Firewall Centralized Procurement Project

H3C is shortlisted for China Mobile’s 2020-2021 Hardware Firewall Centralized Procurement Project

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Recently, China Mobile announced the list of successful bidders for the centralized procurement of hardware firewall products from 2020 to 2021 (new part). H3C won the second (middle-level) bid package and third (entry-level) bid package respectively with a 70% and 30% share, and also acquired the share of 70% in the first (high-end) bid package for the hardware firewall centralized procurement announced earlier. Till now, with its leading technical advantages and reliable product performance, H3C is shortlisted in the full line for the centralized procurement project of China Mobile hardware firewall, which shows its market leading position in the firewall field and the carrier’s high degree of trust in H3C.

As one of the most important parts of "new infrastructure" projects, 5G networks have opened a new wave of infrastructure construction and industrial transformation and upgrades in the ICT sector. The firewall, a vital component of ICT infrastructure, can provide a secure and reliable guarantee for the innovation of cloud-network convergence.

Over the past 10 years and more, tens of thousands of firewall devices of various models provided by H3C have been operating stably on the network of China Mobile, which enables the network’s stable operation. Especially in the high-end firewall market, H3C has self-developed software and hardware platforms, as well as the advantages of integrating AI, big data and high-performance computing, therefore winning many top awards.

H3C is fully engaged in the construction of new-generation ICT infrastructure such as the construction of private cloud and 5G network cloud for carriers, and achieves major breakthroughs in the centralized procurement of many categories of products.

For instance, H3C has been shortlisted for several important centralized procurement projects of China Mobile recently. They include winning the 10T high-end router bid package of China Mobile’s centralized purchase of high-end routers and switches, the centralized cloud resource pool construction project of distributed block-level storage, the artificial intelligence general computing device centralized procurement project, and the PC server centralized purchase. Overall, the total bid amount for these projects exceeds 2 billion yuan (CNY).

Guided by the "AI in ALL" strategy, with the leading technology of "cloud-network convergence", H3C will help the carriers to build flexible and advanced 5G networks, and to implement deep convergence between 5G and industry applications and build an open ecosystem. It will help hundreds of industries to better cope with the opportunities and challenges of the Era of Intelligence, drive a higher level of digital transformation, and jointly open the infinite possibilities of 5G in the future.