H3C Builds Intelligent Connectivity: Strengthening Foundations for the Digital Revolution

H3C Builds Intelligent Connectivity: Strengthening Foundations for the Digital Revolution

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H3C launched a brand-new “Intelligent Connectivity” strategy outlining trends in technological innovation. The strategy also contains a range of innovative networking products and solutions, unveiled at the “Interconnectivity Shaping the New Value of Networks” Special Forum during NAVIGATE 2020.

To better embrace the Intelligence Era, H3C published the “AI in ALL” intelligence strategy, with the aim to make products and solutions more intelligent and help users achieve greater intelligence in their businesses and operations. In order to implement specific intelligent strategy practices and innovation, H3C released the brand-new “Digital Brain Project 2020”, enhancing each key constituent of its digital brain’s component modules through comprehensive integration of AI capabilities.

Intelligent connectivity is considered as an important element of digital infrastructure in the Digital Brain Project. Bi Shouwen, President of Networking Product Department and Vice President of H3C, said that the Intelligent Connectivity strategy aims to accelerate intelligence and innovation in the development of infrastructure through network restructuring. By primarily focusing on service development and innovation, H3C will help users build ultra-high bandwidth, as well as intelligent, integrated, reliable and minimalist network connectivity. Moreover, by introducing and integrating intelligent technologies, H3C will push network development from the stage of automation and self-optimization towards becoming autonomous.

Bi Shouwen, President of Networking Product Department and Vice President of H3C

Adhering to “Intelligence”, Innovating for “Revolution”

In terms of intelligent connectivity, H3C will take user experience as a driving force and constantly promote technological innovation, guaranteeing implementation of the “Intelligent Connectivity” strategy through core capabilities such as “one architecture, one set of solutions, and one full-stack of products”.

One architecture: SeerNetwork Architecture (SNA). SNA achieves intelligent management over the full network life cycle, ingeniously introducing a full-process, closed-loop mechanism, comprising perception, analysis, execution, optimization and reliability. SNA also provides users with a unified user interface, management portal, and end-to-end active security protection capability, which hence brings the integration of multiple scenarios, services and platforms.

One set of solutions: Application-Driven Networking Solution (AD-NET). AD-NET helps users identify and segregate sub-optimal network health, taking the original all-scenario, whole-domain, full life-cycle intelligent network as its basis, in order to achieve high network availability, networking self-diagnosis and self-isolation. Therefore, users are taking a step further towards autonomous networking.

One full stack of products: H3C has launched a wide range of industry-leading intelligent connectivity products which includes routers, switches, enterprise-level wireless networks, IoT, mobile communications, network security and networking software.

H3C has been the leader in China’s enterprise-level WLAN market for 11 consecutive years. At the summit, it also launched seven new Wi-Fi 6 products, adopting both industry-specific IoT integration and patented chained-connection technologies. The flagship WA6638i product offers the highest performance, at 10.75 Gbps per unit, and can support simultaneous access by 1,536 users.

H3C will remain committed to user experience, and take the strategy of “Intelligent Connectivity” as its guideline, to continuously create new user value through innovative and revolutionary products, technologies and schemes, and promote digital revolution among its users.