H3C Launched AD-NET, Leading Intelligent Networks into the Intelligence Era

H3C Launched AD-NET, Leading Intelligent Networks into the Intelligence Era

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At present, the global digital transformation has entered a pivotal golden age. In a huge global market of nearly USD 2 trillion in investment, the intelligentization of infrastructure has become the new trend and direction of change. As an important component in the building of intelligent digital infrastructure, networks will play an even bigger role than in previous years. Being a leader in digital solutions and a trailblazer in network transformation, H3C launched a brand new upgrade of AD-NET, an AI-oriented network solution. The release took place during the NAVIGATE 2020 summit as part of its commitment to accelerate the digital transformation of industry customers.

AD-NET Never Stops Evolving, Reinforcing the Foundations of Intelligent Connectivity

In building intelligent connectivity, H3C uses SeerNetwork Architecture (SNA) to introduce closed loops and to integrate technologies such as AI and big data, thereby achieving intelligent management of the full lifecycle of networks from design to deployment and ultimately O & M. In real-world application scenarios such as campuses and data centers, this helps H3C’s customers achieve network convergence of multiple dimensions, scenarios, and domains, thus offering them a minimalist network experience.

As a result of its core SNA, H3C AD-NET 5.0 network solution has achieved the integration of management, control, and analysis in many application scenarios such as data center, WAN, and campus network via intent-based closed-loop network systems. Simultaneously, in terms of AI application capabilities, AD-NET 5.0 has achieved comprehensive intelligent application of ‘Local AI’, ‘Device AI’, and ‘Cloud AI’ in its solutions. By creating an omnipresent AI experience, H3C can provide more intelligent services for its customers.

“Self-Diagnosing and Self-Isolating Network” Based on the SNA Framework

During this summit, H3C announced a brand-new upgrade of AD-NET and introduced SNA-based “self-diagnosing network” and “self-isolating network.” For AD-NET, this marks another firm stride toward the goal of network autonomation. The intelligent network management and application relies largely on autonomation and intelligent application capabilities. In addition, “self-diagnosing network” and “self-isolating network” allow networks to achieve automation, self-optimization, and autonomation. By autonomously understanding the business needs of customers, AD-NET performs optimization and autonomous troubleshooting on network resources, enabling networks to become truly intelligent.

In today’s rapid development of AI technologies, H3C enables networks to achieve high effectiveness, security, and intelligentization by delving deeply into smart technologies and applications. Being application-driven and AI technology-based, AD-NET places user experience at the heart of its services and performs high-precision management and integration on network data, platforms, and applications. With the deployment and application of “self-diagnosing network” and “self-isolating network”, accurate forecasts of network risk can be achieved, network faults can be rapidly located, and individual network faults can be automatically isolated. As a result, the reliability of the entire network is increased.

With the accelerated arrival of the Intelligent Era, H3C has a precise grasp of customer demands amid its unceasing innovation and constant change. In introducing self-diagnosing and self-isolating networks that are based on the SNA framework, it enables networks to make continual breakthroughs and accelerated advances towards intelligentization and ensures the high availability of network applications amid the digital transformation of various industries. Whether it’s building new network capabilities or reinforcing the foundations of digital reform, H3C is always striving for continuous progress and innovation.