H3C Releases White Paper: The Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020

H3C Releases White Paper: The Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020

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During the NAVIGATE 2020, H3C officially released White Paper: The Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020, which provides a deep digital insight into future trends and potential applications of ten dominant digital technologies, including 5G, AI, AR/VR, and information security.

The White Paper: The Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020 has led to prospective creativities and deep innovation, accelerated the technical upgrade of H3C’s intelligent digital platform, and built core competences to drive the digital transformation in different industries. This has contributed to the future development and transformation of Chinese digital industries.

Insights into Intelligence Based on Top Ten Trends

By focusing on top ten technology trends, H3C’s White Paper: The Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020 gives an outlook of the value of cutting-edge technical innovation in industries and society, and offers industrial clients a key to facilitate the transformation whilst embracing the future.

Trend 1: Commercial application of 5G helps to accelerate industrial application.

5G supports a variety of innovative applications, including mobile HD holographic video, intelligent IoT for a massive number of devices, precision measurement, intelligent manufacturing, and internet of vehicles intelligently inter-connected in real time. This way, 5G will promote social transformation and reshape our lifestyles.

Trend 2: Cognitive intelligence accelerates the intelligent application in industries.

With the support of improved hash rate and algorithm innovation, AI is turning from “perceptual intelligence” to a new stage of “cognitive intelligence”, which will accelerate its application and promotion in such areas as industrial manufacturing, health care, smart home and social services. AI will also create an environment whereby human-computer interaction is more convenient and natural.

Trend 3: Ultra HD technologies display the world in real time.

Ultra HD videos and a new generation of AR/VR will gradually come into our daily lives, enabling high-efficient communication and immersive experiences in such areas as office collaboration, factory quality check, telemedicine, media and entertainment, live sports broadcasting, and home life.

Trend 4: Intelligent security safeguards the interconnection of things.

We shall replace the patch-based safety protection methods of traditional Internet with end-to-end unified security management structure and endogenous safety protection technologies featured by intelligence, proactivity, collaboration and zero trust, which will facilitate a safer and more credible future.

Trend 5: In-depth integration of computing and network.

To address diversified business requirements and challenges from Big Data, it’s imperative to realize the in-depth integration of computing and network. In terms of device forms, network devices need to be equipped with computing capability; computing devices need to be equipped with networking capability. In terms of network architecture, computing capability will be developed for edge, which in turn will be integrated with computing capability, reducing the pressure of back-haul bandwidth through close computing.

Trend 6: Ubiquitous IoT propels the intelligent world.

The ubiquitous IoT is characterized by comprehensive perception, inter-connected elements, information sharing, data-driven designs and inter-connected eco-system. The development of the ubiquitous IoT will promote the popularization of sensor technologies, the integration of connection technologies and the universal existence of computing technologies.

Trend 7: Basic network engages in more bearing service of business.

The Internet is unable to currently meet the realistic demands of everyone. Therefore, it’s important to conduct the all-round upgrade and reconstruction of data plane, control plane and management plane so as to construct next-generation networks with deterministic transmission, ubiquitous connection, accurate sensing, intelligent operation, security and credibility.

Trend 8: The digital economy drives Big Data analysis.

Big Data analysis technologies include hardware technologies, such as storage, computing and network, and software technologies such as data lake, distributed in-memory computing and real-time streaming process. Unified digital platform with Big Data analysis capacity is the basis for developing new businesses using Big Data.

Trend 9: Block chain pushes forward the transformation from the internet of information to the internet of value.

Block chain transmits and stores information in an authentic and credible way, providing trust assurance for the Internet. A greater number of governments, enterprises and individuals have realized the value of block chain and are investing in it, among which the alliance chain technology will play the leading role.

Trend 10: The Industrial Internet accelerates industrial development.

The Industrial Internet integrates IT with traditional manufacturing technologies, and forms systems of internet infrastructures, industrial internet identities, internet platforms and safety control to support intelligent manufacturing, social collaboration, and product life-cycle management. These systems will offer strong support to the development of advanced manufacturing industry whilst boosting the entity economy.

Leading to Transform the Future with Intelligence

The transformative technologies, if effectively integrated with the digital transformation of enterprises and industrial innovation, will release multiplicative effects. Under the guidance of intelligent strategy, H3C launched “Digital Brain Project 2020”, promoting the comprehensive intelligence development of technical architecture whilst guaranteeing all-round security through six intelligent pillars: algorithm, data platform, O&M, security, cloud and infrastructure. At present, H3C is leading the integration of intelligent technologies and industrial transformation through solutions such as IIoT, blockchain platform, full-stack 5G network deployment and industrial integration, all aimed towards building the new stage of industrial development.

Accelerated by “new infrastructure”, the digital economy is becoming a crucial driving force for industrial high-quality development. The integration of intelligent technologies and industries will create more business scenarios, business models and service experience. This in turn will help reshape the future pattern of both industries and society. H3C is open to collaborate with partners of different industries to explore effective paths of technology and industry integration, hence facilitating the future transformation of industry and society.

For more information, welcome to go to: http://www.h3c.com/cn/pub/minisite/202004/talk/default.htm