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Collaborative handling of threats

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Integrated trustworthy gateway


Application service hiding


Dynamic permission management

Customer Business

  • Zero-trust Multi-cloud Service Access


    While migrating services to the cloud is convenient for deployment and expansion, it causes the inability to uniformly manage resources on the public cloud and intranet resources, chaotic grading of resources and security applications on the cloud, and lacking of a unified boundary of multi-cloud access. H3C zero-trust solution supports unified access management, centralized identity management, and visualized policy topology, and other functions, which greatly improves the security of multi-cloud service access.

  • Zero-trust Remote Work Access


    Remote work faces challenges such as multiple access branches, diverse access channels, high information risk, multiple and diverse service systems, and inconsistent accounts. Unlike the VPN solution that features complex operation and maintenance, unified loopholes, and rough management, H3C zero trust security solution supports centralized identity management, multi-factor authentication and dynamic access control, which is more secure, reliable and easy to maintain.