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Stable Leading Market Position
The first in the Chinese enterprise WLAN market share for 13 consecutive years1
The first in the Chinese SDN market share for 6 consecutive years2
The first in the Chinese network management software market share for 5 consecutive years3
Top two in the Ethernet switch market share for 5 consecutive years4
Listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking, Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure for 5 consecutive years5
Leading/participating in the formulation of nearly 100 national standards, industry standards and other technical standards in the field of networking
Repeatedly undertaking major national, provincial and ministerial-level cutting-edge scientific and technological projects
1:IDC 2:计世资讯 3:IDC 4:IDC 5:Gartner
Professional Provider of Network Products and Solutions
With over 20 years of deep cultivation in network technology, H3C provides more than a thousand mainstream network products in seven categories, including switches, routers, wireless, IoT, mobile communication, security, and network operation and maintenance management.
Covering three major application scenarios: campus, data centers, and wide area networks, H3C creates industry-customized solutions and serve the digital transformation of various industries such as smart cities, digital government, smart campuses, digital finance, digital energy, and intelligent manufacturing.
H3C has over 12,000 technology patents in the field of networks, with over 90% being invention patents.
Advanced Technology Concepts and Innovative Practices
H3C is the first to propose the "Application-Driven Network (AD-NET)" technology concept, integrating management, control, and intelligent analysis to create an application-oriented intelligent network.
H3C has independently developed the cloud-native network operating system Comware, which supports a full range of network devices from SOHO to data centers, from enterprise-level to carrier-level.
H3C has launched a series of innovative products, including the world's first Wi-Fi 7 enterprise-grade WLAN product, the industry's first 400G campus switch, silicon photonic switches with optical engines, and high-end core routers.
H3C is the main builders of the world's first deterministic network, with all indicators reaching international advanced levels.
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    Stable Leading Market Position
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    Professional Provider of Network Products and Solutions
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    Advanced Technology Concepts and Innovative Practices

Cloud&AI Native AD-NET 6.0+ Solutions At a Glance

"Cloud&AI Native, Open ecosystem, Low-carbon green design" are the three major concepts. The new generation of AD-NET 6.0+ will be based on nine key innovations such as all-optical network, intelligent lossless, deterministic network, computing power network, IPv6+, serving park, data center, wide area network scenarios, and comprehensively accelerating innovation and transformation of smart cities, digital government, operators, smart healthcare, and other industries' smart applications.



1000+ products in 7 categories, covering three major application scenarios: campus, data center, and wide area network

  • Switches

  • Routers

  • Wireless

  • Cloudnet

  • Network management


Deepen the originality of cloud intelligence, delve into industry scenarios, and accelerate the digital transformation of hundreds of industries.


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H3C Data Center Swithches
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