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Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation

Intelligent manufacturing, the pinnacle of advanced technology and new-gen IT—encompassing the Internet, big data, and AI—brings an era of heightened integration, automation, and intelligence. It emphasizes flexibility and visibility, propelling intelligent, efficient, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.
At the helm, H3C pioneers this transformation by harnessing big data, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and AI. With our rich industry experience, we empower manufacturers to merge industrial prowess with information technology, elevating product quality, boosting efficiency, and fostering intelligent manufacturing. As we lead the charge towards a digital frontier, H3C stands as both a beacon of innovation and a key proponent of the national strategic vision.

Global Trends in manufacturing

Digital Advancement in Manufacturing

Digitalization transforms manufacturing, enhancing efficiency, product quality, and cost-effectiveness, reinforcing businesses in today's competitive market.

AI-Powered Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence revolutionizes production with quality and security monitoring, streamlined supply chains, reduced energy use, and innovative design support, leading to smarter, sustainable manufacturing.

Sustainable Practices

With manufacturing's heavy resource use and waste generation, adopting sustainable practices is crucial for the industry's modern evolution.

Customized Services

Manufacturers must deeply understand customer needs to provide tailored solutions and fostering satisfaction and loyalty in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

Industrial Internet

A global network that connects data, machines, and people, the Industrial Internet supports data-driven decision-making and operational efficiency.


  • Digital Brain
  • Empowerment

Our smart manufacturing architecture is engineered to forge a 'Digital Brain' using IT platforms, 5G, and advanced automation tech. It establishes a centralized management platform, unifying control across scenarios and providing real-time operational visibility for data-driven, strategic decision-making.

Drawing from years of expertise in infrastructure, H3C crafts a high-performance, ultra-secure base for industrial internet applications. Our innovative core technologies lay the groundwork for your empowered digital future.

Explore our solutions

Intelligent Manufacturing Wlan.jpg

Smart Manufacturing WLAN

Ensures stable, efficient network access tailored for the manufacturing sector, bolstering production safety and enhancing productivity.

Smart warehousing solution.jpg

Smart Warehousing Solution

Improving warehouse efficiency, reducing costs, and establishing a new model for warehouse management through the use of information technology, automation, and intelligent methods.

Hear from our customers

H3C SDN Network Upgrade Gives Steel Industry a Fresh Start.jpeg

H3C SDN Network Upgrade Gives Steel Industry a Fresh Start

The successful commercialization of the ADDC solution provides a complete set of effective solutions for the construction, maintenance, and upgrade of cloud data centers in the future.

_Digital Transformation_- from Connection to Intelligent Manufacturing.jpeg

“Digital Transformation": from Connection to Intelligent Manufacturing

H3C's smart factory solution breaks the bottleneck of the original workshop's network and lays a solid foundation for the customized production of interconnected factories.

Digital Realization of Haier Interconnected Factory.jpeg

Digital Realization of Haier Interconnected Factory

H3C has developed future-oriented smart factory network solutions to help Haier Group establish and operate Haier Jiaozhou Air Conditioner Interconnected Factory, integrate the latest…