With 14 years of expertise in cloud computing, H3C offers a full suite of "cloud + digital" services, spanning IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers. Holding over 1300 patents in cloud and AI, H3C's robust offerings include CloudOS, data centers, digital workspaces, and big data. Tailored for industries like government, education, and finance, its portfolio features 40+ categories and 500+ cloud service products. H3C's deep project experience has launched 70 digital capabilities to drive user digital transformation.

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Continuous Business Leadership
The third in the Chinese SDC market share.
The first in the market share of Chinese domestic brand server virtualization for eight consecutive years.
The first in the market share of Chinese cloud management platform for seven consecutive years.
The first in the market share of Chinese hyper-convergence.
The second in the market share of Chinese digital government data governance.
The third in the Chinese SDC market share.
Becoming a core member of 20+ professional alliances and organizations.
Data sources: IDC, Gartner, Forrester, CCW Research.
Continuous Product Iteration
2023: Oasis Platform 3.0, Jianyun Integrated Solution, DCM Cloud Data Center Solution.
2022: Upgraded SeaSQL database brand, big data suite for eight major industries, UIS 8.0.
2021: Ziluan 3.0, 1+3+N digital platform strategy
2015-2020: Released CloudOS cloud operating system, upgraded Digital Workspace Solution, comprehensively developed "cloud + intelligent" business. Deployed in industrial Internet, new city operations, and other industries in 100 cities, landing in 19 provincial-level government clouds.
2010-2015: CAS server virtualization officially launched, opening the journey of the cloud computing market. Released UIS hyper-converged infrastructure, H3Cloud full range of products and solutions.
2009: Proposed cloud-ready network, released the industry’s highest-performance data center switch.
Innovation Never Stops
Boasting over 1300 patents in cloud computing and AI.
Partners with top labs like Xiangjiang Laboratory for collaborative innovation in cloud technologies and AI, enhancing innovation, talent development, and tech application.
Strategic ties with prestigious institutions, including the Ministry of Science and Technology Development Center and universities like Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University,fostering industry-academic research synergy and fast-tracking tech advancements.
Leads significant national and regional projects, delivering major tech initiatives such as expansive cloud computing platforms, open-source big data ecosystems, and smart government applications.
Collaborates with industry leaders like DHC Software, DAYANG Technology, Nari Technology, AsiaInfo Technologies, and Datasure Technologies to develop integrated solutions for smart cities, digital finance, smart education, and other advanced sectors.
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    Continuous Business Leadership
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    Continuous Product Iteration
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    Innovation Never Stops


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