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Why H3C for Hospitality ?

With the continuous growth of global tourism and business activities, the hotel industry is facing dual challenges of international trends and business demands. ICT construction has become the core direction to address these challenges, and the construction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a key factor in improving hotel operational efficiency and customer experience.
In terms of international trends, the rapid growth of the global tourism industry and the transformation of travel methods are driving continuous innovation and progress in the hotel industry. The digital revolution, smart technology, and the prevalence of mobile internet have changed people's expectations of hotel services. Modern travelers have higher demands for seamless digital experiences and personalized services. They expect to be able to book rooms, check-in through self-service, and enjoy features like smart controls and customized services through their smartphones.
H3C's comprehensive product system and complete solution for the hotel industry have helped tens of thousands of hotels upgrade their information infrastructure, enabling intelligent hotel management and significant cost savings while improving efficiency.

H3C Insights in Global Hospitality

Digitalized services

With development of technology, hotel needs to provide digitalized services to meet the needs of travelers. Hotels need to introduce advanced software and hardware to achieve centralized data management and device controls to provide a higher quality service experience.

Intelligent facilities

With the increase of global business travel, hotels need to meet the higher demands of corporate clients for network connectivity. The application of intelligent facilities can provide higher convenience and comfort, such as fast and stable network connections.

Customer experience

Customer needs are increasing, and hotels need to provide unique and customized service experiences to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. By collecting and analyzing customer data, hotels can understand customer preferences and provide customized services.

Marketing innovation

The market competition is fierce, and hotels need to establish a unique brand image and enhance market competitiveness. Hotel needs innovative marketing and promotion, such as using social media and online booking platforms to improve brand awareness and appeal.

Proven capabilities that consolidate your leading position

  • Four Highlights
  • Four Areas
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    Multi-dimensional insight into “All” in the hotel

  • Intelligent.png


    Quickly identify, locate and solve problems

  • Simplify.png


    Improved efficiency and reduce cost

  • All-round O_M.png

    All-round O&M

    Protect network stability and improve customer experience

  • Network.png


    Switch, Router, WLAN, Firewall

  • Management.png


    Unified, Mobile, Hierarchical and Decentralized

  • Service.png


    Wi-fi Authentication, PMS, Brand Marketing Promotion

  • Experience.png


    VIP Guests Guarantee

Explore our solutions

Cloud-based Operation _ Management Solution for Hospitality.png

Scenario-based WLAN Solution for Hospitality

With a wide range of product portfolio, H3C offers wireless network coverage solutions specifically designed for various scenarios in the hotel industry.

Scenario-based WLAN Solution for Hospitality.png

Cloud-based Operation & Management Solution for Hospitality

H3C cloud-based platform "Cloudnet" provides hotel group a light-weight and multi-service platform to manage network and provide powerful O&M.

Hear from our customers

H3C Helps JinJiang Inn Group to Achieve a Comprehensive Hotel Upgrades.jpg

H3C Helps JinJiang Inn Group to Achieve a Comprehensive Hotel Upgrades

H3C, as Jinjiang Group's main ICT supplier, offers network equipment for thousands of hotels and hundreds of thousands of rooms.

H3C Empowers Atlantis Sanya to Create a Digital Journey for a Seven-Star Hotel.jpg

H3C Empowers Atlantis Sanya to Create a Digital Journey for a Seven-Star Hotel

With advancements in network technologies, H3C has created a sustainable service and simplified, manageable robust network system for Atlantis Hotel.