H3C CloudOS Full-stack Cloud Platform

H3C CloudOS, a full-stack cloud platform, converges AI, Big Data, and IoT as well as the capability to meet all needs of scenarios in various industries. Leveraging the robust computing power, voluminous storage, and intelligent data analysis, it helps users to timely deliver outstanding application functionalities and processes in a complex, heterogeneous IT environment. In addition, the CloudOS helps various industries realize digital transformation by supporting their initiatives to embrace containers and microservices.

H3C CloudOS has realized unified management and smart dispatching of data center’s heterogeneous resources, providing support for upper-level XaaS. Based on stable and reliable IaaS service, it efficiently leverages resources in data center infrastructure and helps to complete digitalization by upgrading them from cost centers to value centers through the automated delivery of unified operation & maintenances. By leveraging H3C’s DevOps experiences, it helps users to develop business; operate unified management systems; shorten business delivery cycles; and build new business pipelines. Powered by microservices, it provides users with industry-leading microservices frameworks, which allow users to focus more on their businesses, benefit from speedy development and highly-efficient management enabled by microservice applications, and help users migrate their businesses to cloud platform. With fully supported IaaS and container services, it can integrate PaaS-related capabilities such as database-as-a-service, middleware service, application management services to effectively apply to multiple scenarios such as microservices and DevOps. As a result, problems and challenges related to the lifecycle of enterprise software are solved in all-round manner.

With cloud-enabled Big Data services, it offers users with a comprehensive series of solutions that deal with data acquisition and conversion, computing & storage, analysis & mining, BI display, and operations & maintenance management. These help users build systems to manage a massive amount of data, mine embedded value from data, and create new business opportunities.

Based on an optimized distributed training model and rich, self-defined software and Docker image library, it satisfies users’ requirements of elastic and scalable AI computing resources and helps them to support digitalized and intelligent businesses.

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