Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life

Technological breakthrough and industrial development are bound to create a better life for people. New H3C joins hands to unveil a new chapter in digitalization.


The Leader in Digital Solutions

New H3C Group (New H3C) is a world-leading digital solutions provider committed to be the most trusted partner for our customers to achieve business innovation and industrial upgrades.

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President's message

Seizing the moment, New H3C sticks to the fundamental philosophy with strategic significance - “charting the course for digitalization toward building a new driving force for economic development”.

Technological innovation is our core engine
  • 50% Staff are R&D personnel
  • 8,800+ Patents applications
  • 90%+ professional applications are invention patents
Dedicate to quality service
  • 39 Regional service institutions
  • 144 Spare part centers
  • 1,800+ Professional certification channel delivery resources

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New H3C Invites the Officials from the “Seminar on Development for Developing Countries ” for Exchanges to Boost “South-South Cooperation” and the "Belt & Road" Development.

On May 23 2018, the officials from the “Seminar on Development for Developing Countries” of the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (ISSCAD) of Peking University visited the Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Hall of the Tsinghua Unigroup and the Innovation Experience Center of New H3C Group under the Tsinghua Unigroup for observation and exchange activities. The members of the seminar mainly come from government agencies of nine developing countries. During the activities, the development history of the New H3C Group and the latest achievements in technological innovation were highlighted, leaving a deep impression on the visitors.

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2018 NAVIGATE Summit: Driven by Applications and Shape the Digital Future

Digitalization technology is becoming an organic part throughout the society and economy, and is integrating with every social and economic segment, providing us with an unprecedented opportunity to create a better future. To explore digitalization, the 2018 NAVIGATE Summit was held at Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center from March 30 to 31. The summit was sponsored by H3C Group, subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, and was supported by the People's Government of Chengdu and the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission.

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New H3C Launches New Cloud Desktop Solution Based on NVIDIA vGPU, to Lead the Trend of Computing Innovation

On July 20, New H3C Group (New H3C) under Tsinghua Unigroup announced the official launch of the brand-new cloud desktop solution for commercial purpose using the NVIDIA? vGPU technology and based on the KVM virtualization platform. Relying on the continuous accumulation of New H3C in desktop cloud and the excellent performance of NVIDIA vGPU, the solution can achieve centralized coding, capturing and rendering through GPU server clusters, reducing the workload of the front end and providing a great use experience. The solution features the NVIDIA Quadro? virtual data center workstation that provides advanced workstation functions for designers and professionals, and the NVIDIA GRID? virtual PC that provides local PC experience for knowledge-based employees.

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New H3C Launches Oasis Smart O&M Solution to Enable Easy Management, Low Cost and High Efficiency

Beijing, July 10, 2018— New H3C Group (New H3C) under Tsinghua Unigroup officially launched H3C Oasis Smart Operation & Maintenance, a brand-new network operation and maintenance product, in Shanghai at the event of "Shaping the Digital Future — 100 Cities Itinerant Exhibition of New H3C Digital Navigation 2018". In this way, New H3C will help users reduce the cost of network maintenance, simplify network management, and create more efficient network infrastructure by using a leading comprehensive network O&M solution. Christine Sun, Senior Vice President of New H3C Group, Tao Jian, Vice President of New H3C Group, and Liu Chen, Director of the Wireless Product Department, attended the launch ceremony.

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