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Ultra-wideband: 400 G

Based on the industry-leading 400 G platform, H3C S12500R supports a maximum 48-port 400 G forwarding performance in a single slot.


Integrated: Multi-service

H3C campus switches integrate the multi-ability of AC, SDN, PON and Security.


  • Data Center Switches

  • Campus Network Switches

  • Industrial Switches


Data Center Switches

Ultra-wideband, simple, and intelligent integration
For intelligent ultra-wideband cloud data center, full-scenario data center products and solutions are created for scale, intelligence, and visualization.


Campus Network Switches

Services integration and intelligent access
H3C has been deeply engaged in the campus network for many years with various product levels. It can provide users with full-scenario product capabilities including core, convergence and access. Core/Convergence provides multi-service capabilities such as security, wireless, SDN, PON, and PoE. Access provides intelligent access capabilities such as AI PoE and intelligent terminal recognition in various scenarios.

* For Hong Kong & Macau


Industrial Switches

Good quality and firm structure
In recent years, the IoT has developed rapidly. For the interconnection of outdoor scenarios, industrial switches are required. H3C industrial switches can operate in -40°C - 75°C environments for a long time, and use industrial components to reach IP40 rating. At the same time, with shockproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, and anti-lightning features, they can be used in a variety of scenarios. H3C industrial switches have been widely used in different scenarios such as transportation and utility tunnel.