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Transforming Retail with Next-Gen Technology

The retail sector is rapidly embracing transformative technologies—cloud computing, big data, IoT, AI, and BOPIS—to revolutionize shopping efficiency and elevate the consumer experience. At H3C, we're at the forefront of this evolution, enhancing both brick-and-mortar and online retail experiences.
Our mission is to empower retailers with intuitive solutions that resonate with living scenarios, driving value through innovative design and rapid deployment. We focus on integrating customer-centric strategies with demand scenarios and service offerings, streamlining operations from production to point-of-sale. Our end goal is to minimize operational costs while delivering superior shopping experiences.
By implementing our solutions, retailers can secure higher customer retention, increase sales revenue, and foster enduring growth, ensuring they stay competitive in a dynamic market landscape.

H3C Insights in Global Retail ICT Trend

Retail Operations Automation

tailers are adopting cloud-based platforms to automate operations, from network deployment to maintenance. Innovations include electronic tagging, digital displays, warehouse robots, and IoT devices for autonomous control and remote monitoring.

Leveraging Advanced Analytics

Retailers are harnessing sophisticated analytics to refine everything from product selection to promotional strategies, optimizing supply chain efficiency, and improving on-the-ground operations like inventory control and workforce management.

Unified Security for Retail

As mobility, IoT, and hybrid work models evolve, retailers are integrating comprehensive security solutions that protect both digital and physical domains, ensuring a trustworthy shopping environment and building consumer confidence.

Retail's Path to Sustainability

The retail industry plays a pivotal role in environmental stewardship, striving for net-zero operations and sustainable offerings, while embracing circular economy and waste reduction practices.

Digital Innovation in Retail

The retail landscape is being reshaped by digitalization, bringing about enhanced supply chain management, streamlined store operations, and innovative customer engagement methods.


  • Operation
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Client Experience.png

    Client Experience

    3D Map & Wayfinding,shopping guide robots,VR/AR Fitting

  • Goods Management.png

    Goods Management

    Asset Management,Shelf monitoring,Inventory/Warehouse Management

  • ESL Solution.png

    ESL Solution

    SaaS, Dynamic Pricing, Low Energy Consumption, Targeted Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing.png

    Mobile Marketing

    Client File, Location analytics, Splash Page,Advertisement Pushing

Retailers leverage H3C's innovative technologies to make informed business decisions and implement diverse marketing strategies. Some of these strategies include customer behavior analysis, wayfinding, convenient and scalable Wi-Fi guest access services with integrated premise advertising and coupon modules, VR fitting rooms, ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels), and more. These efforts aim to provide exceptional shopping experiences for discerning customers, attract new clients, retain existing customers, increase customer retention rates, and ultimately boost business revenue.

  • Switch_Server.png

    Switch & Server

    Resilient, High Reliability, AI-PoE, Virtualization, BFD, iNQA

  • Cloud Management.png

    Cloud Management

    Simplicity, Scalable, AI Insights and Analysis, MSP, Data Learning

  • AD-WAN.png


    ZTP, Agile, Traffic Policies, WAN Acceleration,Cost-Effective

  • Wireless LAN.png

    Wireless LAN

    WiFi 7 AP,Intelligent Load Balancing,4/5G Acceess,Seamless Roaming

Retailers can accelerate innovation, optimize operations, and enhance customer satisfaction by leveraging H3C's cloud-based technologies. These technologies simplify the process of connecting, securing, and unifying IT experiences intelligently and at scale. H3C offers a unified network infrastructure that enables centralized management and monitoring of WLAN, LAN, and AD-WAN. With features like central configuration and zero-touch provisioning, the retail solution is convenient to deploy and manage. Additionally, H3C's AI and Big Data technology empowers retailers to create a next-generation digital store experience.

  • Iot Sensor.png

    Iot Sensor

    Temperature and humidity Sensor, Smoke Detector, Energy Saving

  • CCTV Monitor.png

    CCTV Monitor

    Face Recognization. White/Black list

  • SASE.png


    FWaaS,ZTNA,SGW,CASB,Security Service Edge,Unified management

  • Zero Trust.png

    Zero Trust

    Cloud-Native NAC,Attack/MAC Spoofing detection,Identity management

H3C offers a comprehensive and flexible edge-cloud security solution that assists retailers in mitigating cybersecurity risks by identifying attacks and thwarting threats. Furthermore, H3C utilizes intelligent surveillance video technology to proactively prevent and safeguard goods and inventory, reducing losses stemming from theft and fraud. Ultimately, these measures enable retailers to provide a secure and compliant shopping environment, protecting consumer data and privacy, and thereby fostering brand loyalty.

Explore our solutions

H3C Smart Mall Solution.jpg

H3C Smart ShoppingMall Solution

Malls today face complexity post-launch due to varied consumer expectations, e-commerce competition, and the need to integrate advanced technologies. The H3C Smart ShoppingMall Solution simplifies these challenges, adapting to new consumer behaviors and tech trends.

Smart Retail Chain Solution.jpg

Smart Retail Chain Solution

Digital transformation in retail chains can be impeded by staff skill gaps, aging infrastructure, and cost barriers. Our Smart Retail Chain Solution addresses these issues by enhancing technical capabilities, modernizing infrastructure, and optimizing resource investment.

Hear from our customers

Vero MODA.jpg

Digitization is the innovative lifeline for the apparel industry to return to offline selling

In the new retail era, the focus of selling concept has changed from goods to people. Digitization decoupled consumers, merchandise, and stores and then refined their relations

Starbucks is a well-known coffee.jpg

H3C Help Starbuck Transformate and Upgrade Infrastructure to Address New Business Challenge

With the in-depth digitization of store business, the original store solution no longer meet the demand, urgently need to build next generation experience-based network.