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Unified Platform with Cloud & AI Native

A unified digital platform based on containerized microservices, providing a comprehensive cloud-native architecture and AI-native engine


All-scenario Integration & Business Collaboration

Break through the boundaries of different fields, realize one-click cross-domain network connection, one-click deployment of cross-domain policies, and unified management of cross-domain O&M


Application Insights & Full Stack Perspective

Concentrate on global collection, intelligent analysis and layered governance to realize application full-stack analysis and behavior prediction


Easy & Intelligent Connectivity

Provides easy connectivity for different application scenarios, intelligently and efficiently realizes the automatic translation, construction and implementation of business policies based on user intentions


Composite Twin Simulation & Assurance Optimization

Carry out simulation verification, simulation deduction, and optimal deployment for scenarios such as network planning, network change, and network expansion


Build Your Own Agile Experience

Improve user efficiency and user experience through independent design and visual arrangement at various technical levels from interface, data, AI, and logic processing.


  • iMC(Intelligent Management Center)

iMC(Intelligent Management Center)

H3C iMC (intelligent Management Center) is a comprehensive, modular platform with the flexibility and scalability to meet the network needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses as well as global enterprises. It consolidates a host of traditionally separate management tools, including those for managing the network infrastructure, its services and its users.