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As the Internet and IoT technologies rapidly advance, they are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. By enabling equipment interconnectivity, information sharing and automated operations, this digital, networked, and intelligent evolution significantly boosts production efficiency and operational excellence. Wireless smart manufacturing solutions stand at the forefront of this transformation, playing a crucial role in the industry's journey towards a smarter, more connected future.

Requirement Analysis

Streamlined Management

Experience unified control over both wireless and wired factory devices. Our intuitive wireless network management system provides immediate insights into network topology, performance metrics, and potential issues, enabling proactive maintenance and support.

Security Assurance

We deliver secure authentication methods tailored to specific business needs, offering varying levels of protection for employees, users, and devices. Our approach ensures that your business retains integrity while providing convenience.

Business Connectivity

Our solutions provide seamless access for diverse wireless devices, ensuring reliable connectivity from any location, at any time. We guarantee comprehensive wireless coverage, eliminating dead zones and facilitating smooth roaming. Additionally, our wireless network has robust redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities to support continuous operations.


  • Office Campus.png

    Office Campus

    Office Campus.jpg

    In the office area, it is crucial to address the needs of visitors (leaders, clients, partners) accessing the network.

  • Warehouse.png



    In the warehouse area, considerations should account for obstructions caused by goods.

  • Production Site.png

    Production Site

    Production Site.jpg

    In the production area, it is essential to fully consider the harsh environment of the workshop and the stability and reliability of the equipment.

Overall Network Architecture

In the manufacturing sector, our wireless network architecture caters to the expansive coverage requirements of production floors, warehouses, and office campuses. It delivers high-speed, reliable, and low-latency network access critical for the seamless operation of factory machinery and equipment, ensuring an interconnected and efficient industrial environment.

Solution Architecture.png


iEdge Innovation

Our intelligent edge computing capabilities harness the power of APs to expedite service delivery, boosting business efficiency and responsiveness.

iStation Flexibility

iStation's intelligent terminal management leverages advanced algorithms for optimal network resource allocation, providing an enriched connectivity experience for every device.

iHeal Reliability

With iHeal, our AI-driven network healing proactively detects and resolves issues, enhancing network health and ensuring continuous optimization.

iRadio Excellence

Our smart RF management utilizes big data analytics to optimize wireless signal distribution and maximize bandwidth, ensuring smoother data transmission across your network.


Unified O_M.png

Resilient Control

Benefit from controller clustering that ensures uninterrupted service with robust fault tolerance, backup options, scalability, and load balancing for a superior user experience.

Unified Control.png

Optimized Operations

Our approach to wireless network optimization focuses on air interface performance, terminal services, application support, and automated networking, all designed to elevate the user experience.

Unified Management.png

Centralized Configuration

Achieve streamlined network setup through a Central AC, offering layered configurations and inheritance capabilities for simplified management.