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The development and application of new technologies like cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, and mobile Internet have led to the transformation of information construction in higher education from traditional campuses to digital campuses.
In addition to the basic requirements of traditional campus networks, such as sufficient bandwidth resources and comprehensive wired and wireless coverage, there are high demands for flexible service expansion, convenient user authentication, IoT automation control, and intelligent operation and maintenance in the creation of a ubiquitous digital campus network.

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Traditional deployment method requires huge amount of onsite configuration work.


Construction of complex networks has restricted expansion and quick launch of new services.


Frequent reauthentication and reconfiguration bring teachers and faculty inconvenience for cross-campus teaching and work.


Poor connectivity and network interruption can result in a negative user experience, especially for critical services.


The proliferation of network equipment and low-intelligence terminals poses challenges for network operation and management.

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The H3C campus network solution delivers high-speed network access with multi-rate POE power supply capability, multi-dimensional reliability to ensure stable services, SDN for rapid deployment and adjustment of networks to accommodate evolving services, and an intelligent O&M platform to swiftly locate and resolve problems.

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AI-Enhanced Operations

H3C integrates AI to deliver predictive analytics and fault diagnosis, optimizing network service quality and user experience in real time.

Intelligent Automation

Leveraging automated engines, H3C's solutions proactively identify and categorize devices, streamlining terminal management with smart, rule-based isolation.

Growing Mobility

H3C ensures constant connectivity across campus, offering hassle-free network access and eliminating the need for repeated authentication or IP policy adjustments.

Service Oriented

Customers can easily create virtual networks for various services, like teaching, research, administration, finance, and accommodation. This reduces network complexity and enables quick service launches.

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Rapid Deployment

Network and IoT deployment automation reduces time and costs by over 80%, streamlining your operations.


Ultra-Fast Connectivity

Offering backbone speeds of 40/100 Gbps and access up to 25Gbps for smooth teaching and working experiences.

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High Reliability

Our redundant design ensures continuous high-quality service, with intelligent prediction for 24/7 reliability.


Future-Ready Scalability

Experience effortless upgrades with our unified architecture and management platform.


Anywhere Flexibility

Uniform user experiences enable flexible learning and working from any location.

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Simplified O&M

Leverage AI for predictive healing and network optimization, ensuring effortless campus network management.