H3C E-tax Bureau Solution


What will happen when the Internet meets the electronic government? This will be a big turn. Hubei Local Taxation Bureau has built a new type of "E-tax Bureau" based on the new generation Internet earlier in China. It has completed a big turn from traditional network to cloud-network integration and from IPv4 to IPv6.

Behind the successful turn, Hubei Local Taxation Bureau was faced with a lot of IT challenges. Especially, in the most important IaaS layer, with the strong support of H3C new IT technology and H3Cloud cloud computing solution, an industry-leading IPv6 private service cloud system was established for Hubei Local Taxation Bureau, making it the best practice for the e-government across the country in the future business innovation and safety development.

What is the Internet-based "E-tax Bureau"?

In the national taxation field, the famous Golden Tax Project is not a piece of cake. It focuses on the IT trends for a new development point. After entering the third phase, the Golden Tax Project aims at the next generation of Internet, and tries to complete the transformation from the traditional tax bureau to the Internet-based e-tax bureau by combining the O2O Internet operation mode with the G2C e-government process.

What is the benefit of the Internet-based E-tax Bureau? Compared with the traditional e-tax bureau, the new e-tax bureau takes data interaction as the core, changes the orientation to mobile Internet, and adopts the cloud computing resource mode and IPv6 mode. It also has made comprehensive innovations in aspects such as the business handling mode, payment channel, and delivery methods, providing taxpayers with more convenient, efficient, high-quality, and secure electronic and intelligent services.

The innovation of the new e-tax business is for real. Its demands for informatization have been greatly increased, so the requirement for constructing the e-tax private cloud is imminent. As a long-term partner of the Golden Tax Project, H3C has provided comprehensive and reliable new IT solutions for Hubei Local Taxation Bureau in terms of resource monitoring, security, resource adjustment, virtualization, and energy saving, leading the new trend of the construction of the next generation Internet-based e-tax bureau.

Cloud-network integration to create the best "private cloud" for local taxation

The taxation system contains a wide variety of services which have different requirements for the network. In Hubei Local Taxation Bureau, for example, there are many web applications including network invoice, invoice query, electronic tax handling, printing factory, mobile terminal service access, etc. Among them, the web access from mobile terminals and the web access for invoice query are sudden and unpredictable. The way to make sure that the services can be handled on demand safely and reliably from the underlying architecture is the key point.

H3C cloud-network integration solution provides the most reliable support for the Hubei Local Taxation to gradually turn to the private cloud. H3C deployed two SR6602-X2 devices in the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau and Ezhou Local Taxation Bureau as tunnel gateways, using IPv4 addresses to access the operator's network. IPv6 manual tunnels were configured between the two tunnel gateways to enable IPv6 messages to pass through the IPv4 network, so as to provide service channels for IPv6 and IPv4 users at the same time and ensure the efficient operation of multi-type user services.

With such great deal of resources to manage, the monitoring of the equipment room, environment, topology, applications, and other resources naturally becomes the key to private cloud deployment. The advanced security O&M management platform of H3C has fulfilled the 1:1 data modeling of the new IPv6 data center of Hubei Local Taxation Bureau. The 3D dashboard command system is integrated with the network management platform, security management platform, and equipment room environment monitoring function to allow for the overall O&M management from the perspective of visibility, supervision, and management.

Integration of strong security and virtualization

Since the creation of the cloud technology, security issues have been lingering. During the construction of the private cloud in Hubei Local Taxation Bureau, H3C virtual firewall makes the security policy linked with the migration of VMs. With end-to-end intelligent security protection, it provides a manageable and on-demand dynamic security environment for the private cloud while providing the same security functions as the traditional firewall.

The security problems have been solved. However, the unpredictability of e-tax services such as network invoice, invoice query, and terminal access has increased, catching Hubei Local Taxation Bureau off guard on coping with the peak visit volume. The traditional way of adding hardware is obviously not the solution. Therefore, H3C deployed the application software on a VM, making all physical servers form a cluster for virtualization and resource pooling. H3C also implements the dynamic adjustment of resources by using the DRX resource dynamic expansion solution, making breakthroughs on the long-existing resource utilization problems of information construction.

In this case, the traditional physical machine deployment mode is once again not a match to full resource virtualization in terms of resource deployment. During the construction of the private cloud in Hubei Local Taxation Bureau, H3C completes host, storage, and security deployment quickly based on data distributed storage and virtualization distributed hosting, and achieves better application of business system.

Bright prospects for Internet-based E-tax Bureau

The success of private cloud construction in Hubei Local Taxation Bureau has helped Hubei Province build an early "E-tax Bureau" based on the new generation Internet in China. As a cloud network under IPv6, the private cloud of Hubei Local Taxation Bureau serves as an example for the migration of the next generation e-government to the IPv6 environment and security guarantee, which will lead the development of the next generation Internet in the whole e-government sector.

During the construction of the "E-tax Bureau" for Hubei Local Taxation Bureau, H3C has demonstrated the overall delivery capability of the cloud-network integration and the ability of secure cloud-based linkage deployment. H3C has also been fully recognized by industry users and has become a well-deserved leader in the construction of the next generation of Internet-based e-tax bureau.