H3C Smart Water Conservancy Solution


As an important part of smart society, smart water conservancy shows a higher level of water conservancy informatization development in the new era. In order to accelerate the development of water conservancy undertakings with digital technologies, H3C, the subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, proposes H3C smart water conservancy solution based on the reform and development trends of water conservancy and requirements of water conservancy network informatization. The solution provides useful and constructive reference for the transformation and reconstruction of China's water conservancy undertakings from six aspects, including thorough sensing construction, connectivity construction, smart water conservancy system construction, intelligent application construction, and network security construction.


H3C: the driving force for implementing smart water conservancy

In the digital era, smart water conservancy construction requires overall planning and thorough reform from sensing to connectivity, digital infrastructure, information sharing platform, and intelligent application construction. Only the implementation of overall innovation and collaborative transformation in each process can lay a solid foundation for the development of water conservancy undertakings.

In terms of sensing, H3C can build an integrated water conservancy sensing network from the sky to the earth. This network can monitor the water condition, water quality, and rain condition, as well as identify the water level scale, floating object, and illegal fishing by satellite remote sensing, aviation sensing, and IoT sensing, collecting information through various network platforms.

Moreover, H3C provides a fully interconnected, high-speed, and reliable water conservancy information network to help users build an interconnected platform covering the service network, sensing network, and industrial control network, and carry the software-defined water conservancy big data center composed of the digital infrastructure, cloud platform, database, and resource pool. Based on H3C DataEngine and the principle of "one datum, one source; one source, multi use", the platform gathers all the data and conducts data governance to form basic data resources with a consistent standard, which provides powerful digital technology support for water conservancy applications such as intelligent flood control and drought relief and intelligent water resource management, as well as improves the capability of modern water conservancy management in the mode of "platform + ecology" to meet public service needs.

In addition, as one of the companies formulating the standard of Classified Protection 2.0, H3C can provide a comprehensive solution to build a system that integrates network security monitoring, early warning, and emergency response, which helps customers improve comprehensive security management and the whole process of closed-loop security operation, and increase the situation awareness about network security and emergency response ability. In terms of O&M, H3C U-Center O&M platform supports intelligent O&M management with cloud-network-terminal integration, meets the requirements of unified, automatic, and intelligent IT management of a large number of nodes and the hybrid cloud, and implements the whole-process O&M management of the water conservancy informatization system according to the idea of unified intelligent O&M.


From technology to practice, leading the innovation of water conservancy

At present, H3C has introduced its full-stack intelligent water conservancy innovation technology into many benchmarking cases in the industry, helped build an integrated water conservancy sensing network from the sky to the earth in many places across the country, and provided comprehensive support for the water conservancy reform and development in the new era.

In Sichuan, H3C improves the intelligent management of Dujiangyan irrigation system with AI, allowing for six intelligent applications including the identification of floating object, water level scale, and illegal sand mining through AI-based machine vision recognition. In the core data center of the Ministry of Water Resources, H3C software-defined network solution provides intelligent experience of "network adapts to users", significantly improving data processing efficiency. In Guangxi, H3C AD-WAN assists in building an intelligent monitoring and early warning platform for mountain flood disaster prevention and control. In Shandong, H3C proactively participates in the construction of Jiaodong water diversion project to alleviate the water crisis in cities. In Jiangsu, H3C provides multi-level digital technologies from infrastructure to O&M service for the informatization of the Taihu Lake basin. In addition, H3C also builds a digital platform from cloud to network for the Huaihe River Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources, P.R.C. to improve the operation efficiency of the business system through the integration of resources.

Prosperity of water resources leads to prosperity of the country. H3C uses digital technology to implement the intelligent management and operation of water conservancy facilities, thus creating a better life for the public, and promoting the harmony between human and water as well as the sustainable development of water resources. This is the greatest value to promote the development of smart water conservancy. As a leader in digital solutions, H3C will continue to make contributions to China's smart water conservancy undertakings, building a strong digital platform to improve the management efficiency and social service of the Ministry of Water Resources to meet the new requirements of economic and social development in the new era.