H3C Supports Shandong University for Comprehensive Digital Transformation


Shandong University or SDU is a key comprehensive university with a long and honorable history, a broad variety of disciplines, strong academic strength and distinctive characteristics, which has had a great influence both in China and abroad. Shandong University ranks 396th in the 2023 QS World University Rankings. SDU covers a total area of over 5.3 square kilometers and has eight campuses in three Cities- Jinan, Qingdao, and Weihai.

Shandong University and H3C have conducted comprehensive cooperation in the digital transformation, including wired network, wireless network, big data, Internet of Things, and campus services. H3C helps Shandong University stay at the forefront of campus network construction and achieved leapfrog development in teaching and research, becoming a benchmark for digital transformation in domestic universities.

SDU Requirements

Shandong University's has very strict requirements for 8 campus’ information network construction:

Compatibility: The new education model of the university requires network construction in each campus to operate under a unified architectural standard, supported by powerful big data operation and maintenance capabilities.

Reliability:A highly reliable network architecture is the foundation for implementing all network functions and ensuring high-quality experience.

Flexibility and Quick Deployment: The large campus area and diverse services require flexible network and rapid deployment.

Personalized Network Services: The entire network system needs to provide on-demand network services for business departments and faculty and students.

H3C Offers

H3C has well met the above requirements and provided a comprehensive solution for the overall information construction of Shandong University's eight campuses, including:

1. Infrastructure: SDN based automatic deployment of core switches, core routers, high-performance wireless controllers, and nearly 20,000 wireless access points, providing high-speed and stable network services for various university businesses.

2. Campus Cloud: Based on the H3C cloud management platform, container platform, hyper-converged system, and virtualization software, it has provided IaaS and PaaS-based cloud services for the informationized campus network.

3. Internet of Things:H3C's Internet of Things solution has helped the university achieve asset management, intelligent parking, and other campus-wide intelligent management. It has realized real-time monitoring of university's valuable assets and convenient parking management.

4. Network O&M: The network operation and maintenance management use the H3C iMC unified operation and maintenance platform for wired and wireless networks, achieving unified management of eight campuses and deploying an authentication billing system that supports nearly 40,000 concurrent online terminal users.

5. Service Management:H3C's ITOA system has built excellent data analysis capabilities, which not only enables rapid prediction of abnormal traffic on the campus network, in-depth fault location analysis, network quality monitoring, and regional heat map analysis but also utilizes user location and trajectory analysis to provide more intelligent analysis of students' daily behaviors. This enables a big data based decision making, ensuring student work more credible and saving 30% of the workload of university service management.

After the construction of the new campus service network, it has realized a service-oriented information application architecture for teachers and students' needs: deploying various types of application systems for teaching, life, and management, fully enhancing the information service capabilities for teachers and students. The newly created 24-hour online business processing platform and self-service business terminals deployed in the main buildings of the university and other service-oriented information applications have increased the satisfaction of teachers and students with information services by more than 30%.