H3C Smart Utility Tunnel Solution


I. Background

Underground utility tunnels are public tunnels built under the city for centralized laying of municipal pipelines, including the pipelines of electricity, communication, radio and television, and water supply. In accordance with the Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Urban Underground Utility Tunnel Construction (GBF [2015] No. 61), since 2015, the construction of underground utility tunnels shall be conducted for all new roads in new urban areas, parks of all kind, and the development areas when the roads are built,, and shall be considered for old urban areas in combination with the old urban area renewal, road renovation, river governance, underground space development, and other integrated arrangements. For areas with utility tunnels, all pipelines must be included in the tunnels and no new pipelines can be approved outside the tunnels.


Figure 1 Underground utility tunnels

In 2017, PM Li Keqiang made a government work report when he proposed that the construction of urban underground utility tunnels with a total length over 2,000 km would be started in 2017, and the first batch of the underground utility tunnels should be completed in 2020. During the period from 2015 to 2016, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Construction have identified a total of 25 pilot cities based on competitive evaluation. The central government has given special funding subsidies to cities shortlisted for pilot underground utility tunnels, and the pilot demonstration will provide cases and references for the construction of underground utility tunnels in other cities, driving the enthusiasm of building underground utility tunnels nationwide.

II. Construction contents of the "intelligent utility tunnel"

Underground utility tunnel construction is a civil engineering project, whose period is generally divided into the planning and design phase, construction phase, and O&M phase. The information construction is conducted throughout the entire life cycle, and the relevant application scenarios are shown in the following figure.

Figure 2 Information application scenarios in the full life cycle of utility tunnel construction

The construction of utility tunnels shall be intelligent. The software and hardware infrastructure and application systems, such as the BIM project management platform, IoT devices, intelligent utility tunnel operation center, and intelligent utility tunnel data center, are constructed and deployed to cover the full life cycle of utility tunnel construction. This can implement intelligent pipe network planning, construction, operation, maintenance and management, and services, and ensure the safety, efficiency, intelligence, and greenness of the pipeline network throughout its life cycle, thereby improving the functions of urban infrastructure and urban operation capabilities.

III. H3C solution

Figure 3 General structure of H3C smart utility tunnel solution

H3C provides the following information solution (including software and hardware) and services for intelligent utility tunnel in each phase:

· In the planning and design phase, H3C provides a BIM planning and design platform, and the utility tunnel consulting and design services.

· In the construction phase, H3C provides a BIM construction management platform, and the overall construction plan of the utility tunnel data center.

· In the O&M phase, H3C provides a BIM O&M management platform and solutions on comprehensive utility tunnel environment monitoring, radio coverage, wireless personnel positioning, and visualized inspection.