H3C Tax Cloud Desktop Solution


Have you ever experienced those "freaking out" moments? On a hot summer day, when arriving at the tax service hall, you are sweaty and exhausted. However, you are told that the services are not available because of a sudden failure of the system.

A tax service hall connects the enterprise, public, and national tax system. Whether its business system can operate stably, reliably, and efficiently, thus effectively promoting the innovation of smart tax, is not only related to the operation efficiency, security, and cost of the tax department, but also affects people's recognition about government service quality. As "new infrastructure" becomes a national strategy in this year, cloud desktop deployment is an important way to follow the trend of digital transformation of tax services and promote the optimization of business environments and the construction of service-oriented governments.


Guangdong Province enjoys strong economic vitality, and its tax system planning and construction have always been in the forefront of China. Since 2019, the Nanhai district in Foshan city has become the pilot area for tax informatization in Guangdong. The local tax department, together with H3C, promotes the deployment and application of the cloud desktop solution to improve the business environment. This provides local enterprises and people with digital, intelligent, and convenient tax service experience, greatly improve the local business environment, and accelerate the growth of the digital industry and digital economy.

Comprehensive coverage and wide compatibility

Building a model of smart tax reform

As Nanhai is the pilot area, the local tax department takes the ownership and works together with H3C to boost the cloud-enabled transformation of the whole business environment in the tax industry. The cloud desktop application is first used in the tax service hall of the Nanhai district after being tested for a year, building an efficient, reliable, secure, and stable business system with technical advantages such as effective control and collaborative sharing. The cloud desktop application not only covers different scenarios such as the tax office, tax service hall, and training room, but also implements the comprehensive compatibility with the core tax business system and the complex peripheral terminals in the tax service hall, including 47 windows, 22 tax administration software platforms, 15 types of peripheral terminals, and 10 service scenarios such as tax payment and invoice issuing and receiving, which meets the related service needs such as tax payment, invoice, and certificate making. In addition, the cloud desktop application helps deliver flexible, efficient, and interactive tax training to improve the tax service efficiency in the Nanhai district.

The People's Daily published a special report on the cloud desktop application for tax in Nanhai district, Foshan city. In the report, grass-roots taxation functionaries said that a traditional PC is relatively unstable with vulnerable hardware and prone to system failures and frequent software updates, which affects our tax service efficiency. But "cloud desktop" well solves these problems, allows taxpayers to handle tax matters conveniently, and further increases the satisfaction.


Understand needs and services

Build the needs-oriented tax cloud desktop

As an important platform for digital innovation, the cloud desktop should not only be technologically advanced, but also driven by scenario-based applications to meet the actual needs of different industries. H3C is an innovation leader in the cloud desktop field with rich experience in large-scale deployment and O&M of ten thousands of nodes, stable and reliable products, and comprehensive technologies. Moreover, H3C is able to implement deep integration of IDV + VDI and unified management, and focus on optimizing the redirect technology to build a flexible control and widely compatible platform, delivering suitable solutions for the tax department based on the actual service needs.

After the successful deployment of the tax cloud desktop in Nanhai, H3C explores a referential and replicable way for the integration of tax system and cloud-enabled digital services. For the digital transformation of Guangdong and even the tax industry in China, the tax cloud desktop platform deployed in Nanhai, Foshan will become an important reference to promote the optimization and upgrading of government services in the new infrastructure era, further advance the deep integration of digital technology and tax service process, and provide smarter tax service experience.

In the future, H3C will proactively explore the opportunities of digital transformation for tax. Based on the full-stack strength of "Digital Brain Project 2020", H3C, with its own understanding and practices about tax information system planning and construction, will create more innovative solutions for China's tax informatization construction, and make progress in boosting digital economy with smart tax.