IP Media Matrix Solution


In 2019, the UHD Video Industry Development Action Plan jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the National Radio and Television Administration, and the China Media Group, proposed that "In 2022, the 4K TV terminals should be popularized and 8K TV terminals should account for 5%." This target requires not only the rapid iteration of terminal devices, but also the content support from the radio and television industry. Facing this strategic opportunity to develop the 4K industry, the traditional radio and television signal scheduling system is obviously unable to meet the production and broadcasting demands of UHD videos. Therefore, H3C, a subsidiary of Unigroup, has launched the 4K/8K IP media matrix solution that provides a perfect signal scheduling platform for the production and broadcast of 4K videos with an open, efficient and widely compatible architecture, pacing up the transformation of the industry to the HD era.

Innovative IP matrix solution to address difficulties of the traditional architecture

Currently, the radio and television industry dispatches and controls media signals mainly through the IP grouped signal scheduling system and the SDI baseband signal scheduling system. Despite the advantages of the IP scheduling system, such as large bandwidth and reusability of ports, optical fiber interconnection, bidirectional transmission and good signal transmission stability, the system lack flexibility and scalability due to the closed and strongly coupled architecture, and its deployment, expansion and O&M are expensive. Besides, the 3G-SDI system, due to its lackluster performance, is limited in scale when scheduling 4K signals, while the 12G-SDI system is limited by its disadvantages, including large signal attenuation, small transmission distance and high costs, making the traditional SDI system unable to support the scheduling of large-scale 4K signals.

To solve these problems, H3C launched a new 4K/8K IP media matrix solution. As the data transmission hub in this solution, the switch adopts the CLOS architecture and conforms to various standards such as ST 2022-6 and ST 2110, realizing precise PTP clock synchronization. This solution can help TV stations realize highly reliable internal scheduling of large-scale audios and videos, adapt to different business scenarios such as master control, OB truck, studio, broadcasting and recording, and help customers quickly build IP production and broadcasting solutions.

Openness and high efficiency for millisecond scheduling

The IP matrix solution of H3C solves the defect of the closed and rigid architecture of the traditional IP signal scheduling system. Based on the open technical architecture, it couples the scheduling software platform, IP matrix and peripheral media devices, simplifying system deployment and use. Besides, it addresses the high performance requirements of 4K UHD videos and realizes the massive high-definition and super-definition media traffic scheduling in milliseconds, providing a powerful performance foundation for the digital transformation of the radio and television media. In addition, underpinned by its mature devices and open architecture, the H3C IP matrix solution brings significant cost advantages to radio and television customers, reduces the total cost of ownership while simplifying deployment, management and O&M, and drives the digital transformation of customers.

H3C has conducted extensive and in-depth cooperation with mainstream media application manufacturers in the industry, including Zhengqi Holdings, Beijing Zhongke Dayang Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Vision Tech Co., Ltd., GV and China Television Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Its solutions can be perfectly compatible with the software and hardware solutions launched by various mainstream manufacturers, thus realizing task coordination and data sharing with the master controls of TV stations and various subsystems and completely solving the problems of customers in the radio and television industry when deploying and applying such solutions.

As the promoter of technological innovations in the radio and television industry, H3C will build a new-generation signal scheduling system with both outstanding performance and high cost-effectiveness through the IP matrix solution, and provide a new upgraded digital platform for video protection and broadcasting of the radio and television industry in the UHD era.