"Four Ones" + "Three Centers" for Building Lianyungang’s Smart City Digital Brain


Data brief

Build a 45,000-square-meter city big data center

Provide more than 1,600 government services for the convenience of customers

Allow more than 1.8 million residents to enjoy digital bonuses

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"Big data is becoming a new driving force on the path to promote the high-quality development of Lianyungang. Using the opportunity of jointly building the Lianyungang big data center, Lianyungang and Tsinghua Unigroup have developed a strategic cooperation to develop a smart city, digital government, and Internet + government service. In the future, Lianyungang will continue to realize new driving forces and explore new paths, seize new development opportunities, strive to build Lianyungang into a digital government model and a big data governance application demonstration zone, and lead city-wide high-quality economic and social development."

——Wang Jiapei

member of Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive vice mayor of the Municipal Government of Lianyungang

Lianyungang is a city surrounded by mountains, seas, harbors, and towns. In the digital age, digital technologies have spread all over the world, presenting new possibilities for industry transformation, and providing new ideas and concepts for city construction. This city is also trying to explore a new model for city transformation and industrial development by using digital technologies. The aim is to promote integration of digital technologies and city construction and development, endow the city with the capability of independent innovation, and create more possibilities for city development.

In the beginning of 2020, Lianyungang withstood a severe test in fighting the COVID pandemic. In the face of the sudden virus threat, Lianyungang Municipal Government immediately launched various pandemic-related service applications such as a virus map, a handheld office system for pandemic control and inspection, a mask reservation system, the "Fan Lian Tong" system, and the "Lian Yi Tong" system, which played an irreplaceable role in the real-time control of high-risk groups, the detailed treatment of the epidemic, and the promotion of enterprises' resumption of work and production.

This nationwide fight against COVID has become an opportunity for many people to experience digital management of a city for the first time, and also test achievements of new smart city construction. As Jiangsu's fulcrum of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative and one of China's first group of coastal open cities, in 2018, Lianyungang put forward the development goal of fully promoting "High-quality Development as well as Latecomer Arrives First", and started accelerating the journey towards becoming a smart city.

Behind Lianyungang's transformation, H3C, as a leader in digital solutions, and UniCloud, as a reliable digital partner, helped Lianyungang to build the smart city operation center and the city big data center. As a result, the "City Digital Brain" was established and realizes aggregation, analysis and value insight of city data. This benefits residents through platforms such as "My Lianyungang" app to enjoy the convenience of life in the era of digital intelligence, which played an irreplaceable value to the city’s transformation and transition.

Strengthen top-level design, and assist city governance with the digital brain

In recent years, with gradual accumulation of experience in nationwide smart city construction and gradual establishment and improvement of the national smart city standard system, data and operation have become the industry consensus as two cores of the smart city. In 2018, Lianyungang Municipal Government proposed a top-level design framework of "Four Ones" + "Three Centers": "Four Ones" include a general government website portal, a government cloud, a "My Lianyungang" app client, and a big data resource traction catalog. "Three Centers" are the smart city operation center, the city big data center, and the city data disaster recovery center. In the top-level design of the Lianyungang smart city, data and operation are the cores, and establishment of the smart city operation center and the city big data center and release of the app client have become top priorities.

The construction of the smart city requires a fully functional and powerful "City Digital Brain". The smart city operation center built by Lianyungang in cooperation with H3C and UniCloud is an important measure for digital government and the big data governance application demonstration zone, and is a specific representation of Lianyungang's "City Digital Brain". At present, the operation center has built two functional zones ("Digital Government Smart City Exhibition Hall" and "Government Command Center"). As the command center for smart city operation, the government command center connects data of business departments such as meteorology and environmental protection, has real-time command and dispatch functions, can comprehensively display the real-time operation situation of the city, and provides data support for city management decisions and public services. The smart city exhibition hall is a window to display achievements of the smart city and the digital government. H3C and UniCloud use information technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data as well as new media display methods such as VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, and BOX panoramic immersive theater, to fully demonstrate achievements of the digital government and the smart city construction of Lianyungang.

Behind the smart city operation center, the Lianyungang city big data center provides a steady stream of data insight. With a total area of 45,000 square meters, the big data center can accommodate 5,000 computer cabinets, carrying Lianyungang government cloud platform and six basic libraries, managing the powerful digital infrastructure downwards and carrying smart applications of multiple departments upwards. At present, the big data center has collected data from 65 companies and 138 systems in the city, with the total amount of data flow reaches 3 billion, and the amount of data exchange per day reaches 500,000, laying a solid foundation for realization "One Internet access everything".

Smart port city: Innovative value behind the app

For residents, many troubles in daily life come from "small problems" such as seeing doctor and making appointments, loss reporting and card reissuance, document handling, and traffic congestion. With gradual refinement of city governance, today's city managers need to enter into many situations in a citizens' daily life, to create new changes that are visible, tangible, and perceptible. In order to make city residents quickly access the convenient life brought by digital government, H3C relies on its powerful digital infrastructure to quickly promote collection and disposal of data, cooperates with UniCloud to assist Lianyungang Municipal Government to release the "My Lianyungang" app, and has created an all-round one-stop intelligent information government mobile service platform.

As of the end of August 2020, the "My Lianyungang" app has been downloaded over 2.3 million times, the number of real-name registered users has exceeded 1.8 million, and the number of average daily active users is about 150,000. It can provide various government services and more than 1,600 convenient services for online inquiries and statements, and has serviced 250 million inquiries and handled services for citizens. Through the "My Lianyungang" app, service items frequently used in citizens' life, such as living payment, traffic violation inquiries, medical treatments, provident funds and social security inquiries, real estate inquiries, and personal credit loans. These can be efficiently processed online to truly realize the goal of "Data Runs More, Citizens Run Less".

The construction of smart city shares a common experience, yet should meet the unique needs of each city. This is a journey that requires long-term planning and thinking. Driven by the "new infrastructure", cities are starting a new stage of transformation and remodeling.

In the future, supported and driven by H3C and UniCloud, Lianyungang will continue to promote the "1+1" plan, and relies on the promotion of big data applications and improvement of service capabilities, to further facilitate the upgrading of government information, realize innovative development, transformation, and upgrading of industrial and Internet industries; promote high-quality growth of the digital economy, and build a smart new port city. Driven by the "new infrastructure", H3C will further use application values for the Smart Strategy and Digital Brain Project, and help more cities embark on a new stage of transformation and smart reshaping while meeting unique needs of their development, to build ideal cities with good governance, business promotion, and benefits to people.