CPIC Builds Cloud Based Digital Age Core Competency

CPIC Builds Cloud Based Digital Age Core Competency

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Data brief

100 million-level customers, second-level response

Integrated full-stack self-service

Layered decoupling of two places and three centers

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Technical consultation and service: operation and maintenance and management—U-Center intelligent operation and maintenance

From traditional offline outlets to popular internet finance today, and from manual processing in the past to convenient services of smart terminals, the financial industry as we know is undergoing an unprecedented self-reformation and reconstruction. In technology-driven financial transformation era, IT transformation will become a strategic measure for the future development of enterprises. China Pacific Insurance (CPIC), a bold and innovative industry leader, has taken a key step to cloudification of core business and built an innovative cornerstone for its strategic transformation.

In the era of mobile internet, the amount of insurance industry users and data are growing exponentially, more and more transactions, management and operations have begun to shift from offline to online. As a result, the traditional insurance industry IT architecture cannot effectively support these new business scenarios and requirements. As a large insurance company listed in Fortune’s Global Top 500 for nine consecutive years, CPIC is keeping up with the times and effectively conducts CPIC Cloud building under the guidance of the "Transformation 2.0" strategy, to instill an innovative driving force into CPIC's digital transformation.

As an important part of the "Transformation 2.0" strategy, CPIC Cloud is the core and key to the computing capacity building that will effectively support the future sustainable growth of CPIC's business. Using the opportunity of building projects such as CPIC Cloud, CPIC strongly promotes digital technology application in business innovation and reconstruction, and conducts in-depth cooperation with H3C in the fields of financial cloud, cloud security, and infrastructure planning. In addition, CPIC focuses from gradual piloting to external empowerment, and drives its self-transformation of the financial industry towards the digital age.

Jointly development to create a safe and controllable financial cloud

Currently, transformation of digital technology from a carrier of business needs to a driver of business innovation is accelerating. Building and deployment of the financial cloud can only be data-centric and business-driven to truly bring value to digital innovation enterprises, which requires financial planning, construction and operation of the cloud must be tightly coupled with actual business. In order to build a cloud platform that is more in line with actual and business needs of enterprises, CPIC, along with H3C, uses a safe and controllable method of joint technology customization to create the CPIC Cloud with independent intellectual property rights, fully supports CPIC's business applications from development and test cloud, to non-core production cloud to core production cloud, and finally realizes cloud services export geared for the insurance industry.

In the face of the financial industry's strict standards of technology and compliance, as well as the future-oriented evolution space, CPIC Cloud has realized a layout of layered decoupling of two places and three centers, built a cloud platform for integrated management of multiple active data centers, and continuously promotes optimization, upgrade, and migration of cloudification of the core system. With the help of innovative cornerstones such as cloud server, storage, and network provided by H3C, the CPIC Cloud can provide integrated, self-service, and full-stack cloud services for users, and provide flexible resource management and highly reliable performance guarantees. The modular software and hardware decoupling design can also flexibly support the agile upgrade of management and business, and the open distributed architecture can carry large-scale, extensible, evolvable, safe, and controllable financial production cloud.

Leap on the cloud, and focus on financial cloud capacity output

Cloud deployment has brought a more reliable and efficient architecture to CPIC, which has realized the data center’s upgrade from the simplex operation mode of "one master, one backup, offline switching" to the multiplex operation mode of "multi-active, mutual backup, simultaneous online". The deployment of U-Center unified operation and maintenance platform has achieved a leap from minute-level monitoring to second-level monitoring. In addition, the financial cloud platform can resolve the pain point of large-user-quantity and high-concurrency-value business peak response capability, realize flexible scheduling, peak load shifting, agilely support for various business peaks and service activities, and ultimately achieve energy level improvement, support the increase of the online user quantity from the million-level to the 100 million-level to realize "100 million-level customers, second-level response", and fully supports the upgrade of the insurance service operation model from the internal office service mode and the sales service mode to the customer self-service mode.

Currently, due to regulatory and data security requirements, the CPIC Cloud is built based on the self-built private cloud mode. However, the CPIC Cloud reserves the public cloud docking capability in the building mode to form a hybrid cloud using the private cloud as the priority and the public cloud as the supplement, which ensures sustainability of building and development of CPIC's cloud computing platform. The platform can not only carry the company’s own business needs by using a flexible and efficient cloud architecture, but in the future, accumulate more than 20 years of CPIC’s experience in the insurance industry, build a number of industrial SaaS applications, and help in the cloudification of more small and medium-sized financial enterprises.

Actively embracing new technologies is the key for CPIC to build core competency in the digital age. The multi-dimensional and in-depth cooperation between H3C and CPIC in the financial cloud field not only is another practical model for overall cloudification of production environments in large financial institutions, but also shows the industry a path to create new financial technology formats based on a new cooperation mode, further providing an innovative driving force for the digital transformation and upgrade of the financial industry.

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