City Digital Brain Helps Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone to Build a Smart City “Proving Ground”


Data Brief

Creating a “Five-in-One” New Smart City Operation & Command Center

Constructing a 99 Square Kilometers “Proving Ground” for Smart City

Offering Digital Dividends to 350,000 Residents

Client Testimonies

“Zhengzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone aims to build an ‘RMB 100 Billion-Level’ world-class high-tech park by 2025, as well as a smart and beautiful city that is ‘innovation-friendly, business-friendly and livable.’ We’re building a real smart city ‘proving ground,’ promoting smart high-tech construction by innovative experiments, and promoting the development of smart industries by project practice, so as to make western Zhengzhou both smart and beautiful.”

— Liu Yunhua, Chief Economist of the Administrative Committee of Zhengzhou High Tech Zone

“Digitalization and intelligence have no ultimate goal. Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone is bringing together many high-tech companies, and H3C is playing a leading role in data mining, analysis and application development. In the future, the Smart Industry Development Center will rapidly improve and iterate along with the deployment of smart use-cases in the high-tech zone to achieve the long-term sustainable development of a smart city.”

— Luo Wei, Director of the Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone’s Smart Industry Development Center

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The industrial revolution completely reshaped human production and lifestyle, and also marked the historical prelude to the rapid development of modern cities. In the 21st century, our lives have become closely linked to urban spaces. The concept of what makes a city is constantly being enriched through development and change. Now, driven by digital technology, we have found a new way to create better urban life, which is to continuously promote the integration of digital technology and urban development, so that cities have the ability to think and evolve.

The deepening of digital innovation is driving the pace of urban development. In this new stage of smart city development, massive amounts of government data and social data are being gathered, shared and calculated online in real time, thereby leading to new urban construction models. In northwest Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, one of the first state-level high-tech zones approved by the State Council in 1991, is actively planning to develop a new smart city by focusing on big data development and utilization. Through the deployment and application of the “digital brain” in city management and services, as well as the building of a smart and beautiful city that is “innovation-friendly, business-friendly and livable,” the development and transformation of the city’s digital economy is being promoted.

However, there are no fixed standards and templates for the construction path and development model of smart city. In order to promote the improvement of urban intelligence and accelerate the development of the digital industry in the region, Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone has proposed setting up a “proving ground” for smart city on 99 square kilometers of land in the region to boldly reform and make breakthroughs in urban transformation and offer 350,000 residents in the region to enjoy the dividends brought by the digital economy, and accumulate experience for the intelligent construction of Zhengzhou and even more cities.

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C is assisting the Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone in building a “five-in-one” new smart city operations & command center with a city resident experience center, a city “living room,” a smart industry hall, an operations & command center and a multifunctional hall. Based on a smart command center, a set of three-dimensional city scenes and a set of city data engines, it can achieve accurate decision-making, efficient management, and optimized services and promote the urban construction of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone and the upgrading of smart industries.

City Digital Brain Implementation to Build a Transformation Hub for High-Tech Zones

Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone is the first development zone in Henan province. Over the course of more than 30 years, it has gradually transformed from an industrial zone into a centrally-located fertile ground for the development of high-tech industries, bringing together about one-third of Henan’s high-tech enterprises. After careful planning and deployment, Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone proposed its “Smart High-Tech” construction plan in 2018. The plan is supported by the cloud platform and focuses on comprehensive perception, interconnectivity, big data development, and big data utilization, and organization, capital and talent as its guarantee. It will carry out the construction of a new type of smart city based on the “1 + 3 + N” model and actively build city digital brain.

Within the plan, Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone Smart City Operations & Command Center assisted by H3C is one of the most important platforms for the adoption of this model. This multi-functional complex uses the city data engine as a hub for the smart transformation and digitalization of the high-tech zone to construct display analysis systems, such as an IOC visualization platform and an economic operations system, that promote the improvement and development of the smart industry in the zone. The city resident experience center, city “living room,” smart industry hall, operations command center, and multifunctional hall are set up in the center. Through the command center, real three-dimensional city scenes and the city data engine, an overall overview of urban management, emergency command and efficient decision-making are realized.

Breaking the Boundaries of Data to Shape the Future of Smart Cities

“The big problem we have is that the management systems of many departments are vertical — like chimneys — and data is flying upwards,” said Luo Wei, director of Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone’s Smart Industry Development Center. This is also a common problem that many cities face regarding data collection. On the one hand, copious unstructured data requires huge amounts of basic work to transform them into data assets. On the other hand, copious existing data system management rights do not belong to administrative departments responsible for digital transformation. The solution is to coordinate the problem of data rights at higher and higher levels; if these “chimneys” cannot be torn down, the construction of large data pools will be directly affected.

In response to this problem, H3C is relying on its abundant data utilization capabilities to help the local government to accelerate its data collection and data system construction. Within one year, it has nearly completed the region’s data connections and the establishment of its big data systems, allowing the high-tech zone’s government to be able to focus on the collection of its own data and to increase the speed of data system construction. Cross-analysis of richer data dimensions also allows local governments to understand local operations from a more diverse perspective. The resulting valuable insights — in addition to providing strong and scientific data support for decision-making — can help to produce innovative applications such as cross-sector linkage command, auxiliary decision-making and economic analysis, while also comprehensively realizing smart city construction in Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone.

In addition, the new operations center is not only a platform for smart city construction in Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone, as it also provides services such as city resident experience center, city “living room” and other services, which can allow citizens to experience the people-friendly care of new smart cities while feeling the lifestyle changes brought by smart city construction. In addition, H3C is working closely with the Smart Industry Development Center of High-Tech Zone to expand the source of talent for enterprises and build a strong talent foundation for the development of zone’s digital industry.

The development of smart cities does not have an established end point. With the support and promotion of H3C, Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone will focus on “smart industry and the building of a smart society” in the future. It will vigorously promote the construction of a new smart city with strong data analysis capabilities and promote accurate decision-making and the efficient management of the city, achieve the goal of “good governance, business development and benefits for the people” and promote high-quality growth in the digital economy.