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Solution Overview

H3C Application-Driven Data Center (AD-DC) Solution is a data center solution based on SDN architecture. It accelerates deployment of network infrastructure, simplifies network operation and maintenance, and optimizes network with higher efficiency.

AD-DC solution adopts MP-BGP EVPN as control plane and VXLAN as data plane to build an overlay network. It decouples the business from the physical network. AD-DC solution integrates cloud platform, SDN network, and security to deliver a resilient, secure, visible and automated data center.

H3C Virtual Converged Framework (VCF) controller is a SDN-based controller for AD-DC solution. As one of the key components in the solution, VCF controller provides standard Restful API northbound interfaces for H3C CloudOS or third party cloud platform and southbound interface to manage network equipment. VCF controller provides centralized GUI-based network operation and management to customers.

Features and Benefits


AD-DC solution provides end-to-end automation from underlay and overlay network deployment to service provision that shortens the deployment time by almost 80%.

To perform underlay network deployment, customer only need to plan the network and configure automation parameters. The underlay network will be deployed automatically and the whole process is visible.

In terms of overlay network, AD-DC solution can automatically set up VXLAN network and synchronize table entries at Layer 2 and Layer 3 in the network. It provides full automated services from the creation of cloud hosts, tenant networks, and security resources, to VM deployment, and network access to cloud hosts.

Granular Security

Flexible Security Service

AD-DC solution supports north-south and east-west security protection. Virtualize security devices into a unified service chain resource pool to provide flexible service chain orchestration and granular security service for tenants. Each tenant can create their own security service instance independently.

On-demand Security Protection

Unified management for network and virtualized security resources. Tenants can apply for virtualized security resources on demand and orchestrate traffic forwarding paths with service chains.

Centralized Management

Unified fabric management and service orchestration for single or multi data centers. VCF controller manages network resources through southbound interfaces and integrated northbound Neutron plug-in to interoperate with OpenStack-based cloud platform, such as H3C CloudOS.

H3C CloudOS platform provides unified orchestration and O&M for network and compute resource.

High Reliability

Agile Load Balance

Adopts ECMP to provide fast load balancing between spine and leaf devices in an underlay network, ensuring reliable transmission even if only one spine device is working. Support multi Border to achieve load balance at the egress of tenant networks to ensure high reliability.

Controller Cluster

Supports maximum 128 controllers cluster. The master controller will be taken over by the other controllers in case of the master controller failure and make sure the constant service. The master controller takes charge of the management of the controller cluster.

Controller Survivability

VCF controller provides centralized management for the network. Even if all VCF controller fail, the already running service will not be affected.

Intelligent O&M

Comprehensive Visibility

Comprehensive visibility from underlay network and overlay network to compute resource and network status, such as network prediction, historical data, log file, alert and heath score etc. It simplified network management and improve the maintenance efficiency.

Intelligent Prediction

Support heath score and health status alarming for customers to understand the network conditions in real time. Detections of physical, virtual, and table entry resources and alarm thresholds can be customized. Radar ping and other troubleshooting methods are available to help customers to discover and locate faults in time.

Open and Compatible

Cloud Platform

VCF controller not only interoperates with H3C CloudOS but also OpenStack-based third-party cloud platforms.

OpenStack and Open API

Compatible with OpenStack Version K, L, M, O, P, V and standard restful API interface to integrate with third-party management system.

AD-DC Solution Scenario

Three scenarios in AD-DC solution

Single Fabric.

Multi Fabrics.

Data Center Interconnection.

Ordering Information

Product ID



H3C VCFC Software+Overlay License+Service-Chain License+VNF Manager Standard Edition


H3C VCF Controller Base Software License


H3C VCF Controller Overlay Hardware Entity License,1 Node


H3C VCF Controller Software Service-Chain Node License,1 Node

Product ID



H3C DR1000 Application Driven DC


H3C DR1000 Application Driven DC-25 License


H3C DR1000 Application Driven DC-50 License


H3C DR1000 Application Driven DC-100 License


H3C DR1000 Application Driven DC-200 License


H3C DR1000 Application Driven DC-500 License


H3C DR1000 Application Driven DC-1000 License

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