H3C UIS 3000 G6 Hyper Converged Infrastructure

H3C UIS HCI system is an innovative future-oriented product for enterprises and industry data centers. In compliance with the open architecture standards, H3C UIS seamlessly integrates software technologies such as compute virtualization, storage virtualization, network security virtualization, O&M and monitoring management, and cloud service delivery on x86 and ARM servers. This integration streamlines data centers and IT operations, drives management efficiency, and reduces the TCO.

The H3C UIS system is available as a configure-to-order system that contains HCI servers and HCI kernel and management software that have been fully tuned, verified, and installed before delivery. The HCI servers can be up and running straight out of the box, simplifying deployment and accelerating service delivery.

UIS CAS is data center-oriented virtualization software, providing powerful virtualization and resource pooling capabilities. UIS CAS has unique data acceleration capabilities and multi-queue block storage, which greatly improves the efficiency of services running on VMs. It provides dynamic resource eXtension (DRX) and cloud rainbow features. UIS CAS had an excellent performance in SPECvirt tests.

As a leading software-defined storage product in the industry, UIS ONEStor provides unified block storage, file storage, and object storage services for upper-layer applications. UIS ONEStor provides flexible protection mechanisms in multiple dimensions, including volume-based data redundancy, erasure coding, and multiple replicas. These mechanisms enable fast data restoration without hot backup disks. UIS ONEStor offers rich enterprise-class features to ensure user data consistency and data reliability and security.

UIS Sec provides tenants with virtual network security services through NFV, including vFW, vRouter, vLB, vNGFW, and vWAF. It offers VM access control and protection, automatic deployment of network devices in a cloud computing environment, and isolation in a multi-tenant environment. UIS Sec supports three-level HA to ensure continuity of customer services.

H3C UIS Manager provides a unified portal for users to access the infrastructure of the data center. Through SSO, H3C UIS Manager enables unified management of servers, VMs, networks, storage, and upper-layer services in the data center. H3C UIS Manager offers a full-screen dashboard, health check, one-click inspection, resource statistics reports, and topology-based deployment for visualized, automated, and intelligent Ops through one Web interface. In addition, UIS Manager allows for unified management of multiple clusters and tenants and requests of virtual resources through a self-service portal in large-scale deployment or RBRO scenarios.

H3C UIS 3000 G6 incorporates the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable family processor and uses 8-channel 5600MT/s DDR5 memory technology, bringing up to 4TB memory expansion and a 50% bandwidth increase. The new I/O structure is compatible with PCIe 5.0 standard with a 100% increased data bandwidth compared with the previous generation. It achieves excellent scalability through local storage support of up to 10 standard PCIe slots and up to 29 drive slots. 96% power supply energy efficiency, and an operating temperature design of 5°C - 45°C, provide users with higher energy efficiency returns.

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