H3C UIS-Cell 3000 6000 G3 Hyper Converged Infrastructure

H3C UIS-Cell 3000/6000 G3 HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) is H3C’s next-generation cloud data center infrastructure solution for IaaS. UIS-Cell 3000/6000 G3 HCI pre-installed industry- leading UIS Hyper Converged 6.0 software. This software integrates the six functionalities of computing, storage, networking, security, monitoring of operation & maintenance, and cloud platform. The out-of-box solution allows users to build a cloud computing environment within 30 minutes and realize a super simplified hardware infrastructure platform for servers and switches as well as a resource pool for unified software-defined data center. H3C UIS-Cell 3000/6000 G3 HCI hardware uses latest Intel Purley computing platform. H3C UIS-Cell 3000/6000 G3 HCI allows unified monitoring and management of physical hardware, virtualized computing, storage, and network resources via a very simple interface, resulting in the best infrastructure platforms that allows fast and flexible deployment and lower TCO.

The enterprise-grade, UIS-Cell 3000/6000 G3 HCI integrated virtualized computing software CAS is built for data centers. It provides robust virtualized functionalities and resources pool management capability. The unique kernel data acceleration and storage block multi-queue increases significantly the operational efficiency of businesses in virtualized machines. With the same hardware, it has the best performance in the SPECvirt test—a benchmark that evaluates the performance of virtualization server. It also offers innovative technologies such as Dynamic Resources Extension (DRX), Cloud Point and Cloud Rainbow. ONEStor storage software is an industry leading software-defined storage product, offering rich enterprise-grade features such as snapshot, cloning, data simplification, erasure coding, data stratification, and read/write acceleration. At the same time, it allows strong consistency of user data and offers data protection. UIS-Cell 3000/6000 G3 HCI can integrate H3C NFV network virtualization technology and converge vSwitch, vFW, vLB and vRouter components, allowing protection and monitoring of traffic between virtual machines, automated deployment of network equipment in a cloud computing environment, and security isolation for multi-tenants.

UIS Manager HCI management platform provides a unified portal for data center infrastructure resources. Unified management of resources including servers, virtual machines, networks, storage and upper-layer businesses. It supports display on huge screens, health inspection & one-key inspection, statistics reports about data center resources, deploy via what you draw is what you get, and visualized operation with automation and intelligence. Unified management of data center is realized without the need to switch between management interfaces.

H3C UIS-Cell 3000/6000 HCI further enhances the scalability and configuration flexibility for modern data centers, with up to 24 NVMe SSDs. H3C UIS-Cell 3000/6000 HCI has adopted the latest Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family, leading to a maximum performance increase by 71% and number of kernel growth by 27%. With the upgrade of 2666MT/s DDR4 memory technology results in speed enhancement by 11%, when compare to DDR4 2400MT/s. In addition, the extension capacity is well set with the capability supporting up to 20 PCIe 3.0 slots and local storage support up to 48 hard drives. Users can be benefitted from a higher level energy efficiency, with 96% power efficiency, at a 5-50°C standard operating temperature.

Automatic Energy Optimization (AEO) enhances server’s ability to analyze and respond data generated by 3D marine sensors within the server, which optimize workload across the data center.

Precisely control server fans, to realize direct cooling and reduced unnecessary power consumption through an innovative temperature sensor 3D array.

Dynamic workload acceleration provides smart data protection for ever-expanding hard drive capacity and at the same time supporting real-time workload analysis to fine tune and optimize storage performance.

Support local and remote batch driver and firmware updates for easy maintenance; HDM (H3C Device Management) supports network firewall feature, which can restrict access to BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) through IP/MAC.

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