H3C WA7539 Wi-Fi 7(802.11be) Indoor Series Access Points

H3C WA7539 is a new generation Wi-Fi 7 product that complies with the 802.11be standard. Compared to Wi-Fi 6/6E products, it can provide higher rates, larger capacity, and lower latency.

The access point has tri-radio 12 streams and with built-in antenna, including 4x4 6-GHz, 4x4 5-GHz, and 4x4 2.4-GHz, achieving speeds up to 18.67 Gbps. The access point has a 10 GE optical port and a 10 GE electrical port, providing redundant uplink ports. Redundant power supplies provide fault-free performance during failover.

This access point supports both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted installation, and is designed for high-end enterprise offices, high-density wireless access, multi-party video conferencing, online teaching, exhibition centers, and other scenarios that require high-bandwidth and high-quality network experience.

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