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Cloud computing technology utilizes a virtual desktop as a delivery form to establish a supportive environment for the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. This technology is based on server virtualization and effectively resolves security issues that are commonly faced by traditional IT infrastructure. Additionally, it enables unified management and system stability, and optimally leverages the benefits of virtual desktops in the post-PC era.

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Remote Work

·Teachers need to carry laptop among campus for teaching & work
·Difficult to transfer and share teaching resources and documents

Data Security

·If the hard drive fails, important scientific data will be lost
·USB Flash Drive transfer files lead to the spread of viruses

O & M

·Faults need to be dealt with on site
·Software installation and upgrade need to be carried out one by one, which is inefficient
·Lack of fault monitoring and routine inspection methods

Resource Utilization

·Purchasing computers with different performances for different departments
·There are too many computers to manage effectively, and many computers are idle.

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H3C workspace implements hyper-converged clusters in the data center, customizes desktop pools according to user needs, and dynamically allocates computing and storage resources. Administrators supervise resources, images, and user data through the management platform. Teachers and students can use the client to seamlessly connect to their desktops through the campus network.

H3C Workspace.png


Multi-Client Access

Our virtual desktops are accessible via thin clients, web, and mobile apps, ensuring flexible and seamless user connectivity.

Personal Cloud Disk

Cloud disks provide a safe haven for personal data, protecting teachers and students from data loss due to system or hardware failures.

Reliable Data Transfer

H3C's proprietary VDP ensures efficient virtual desktop connectivity over WAN, minimizing latency and optimizing performance.

Multilayered Security

Our comprehensive security strategy encompasses terminal, network, cloud platform, and administrative safeguards for robust protection.

Batch OS Deployment

Streamline setup with OS templates that can be deployed en masse, eliminating the need for individual terminal configuration.

Centralized O&M

Manage data center resources and perform remote maintenance with ease, all from a unified web-based management platform.

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Better Experience.png

Better Experience

Faculty and staff can access on-campus files and teaching resources anytime, anywhere

Stronger Security.png

Stronger Security

"Cloud-Management-Terminal" full-process and full-scenario security protection

Simpler Management.png

Simpler Management

Unified management is performed based on user roles, and the system can automatically schedule resources to ensure core business

Smarter O_M.png

Smarter O&M

Deployment, maintenance, and capacity expansion can be performed in batches, and the platform supports automatic analysis of desktop status and optimization.

Improve hardware utilization.png

Improve hardware utilization

Computing and storage resources are pooled and allocated on demand to reduce idle resources.

Cost Saving.png

Cost Saving

In total lifecycle, TCO reduced by 50% compared to traditional desktops