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The digital transformation is revolutionizing education by reshaping educational practices through the implementation of digitalized content and creative teaching approaches. In keeping with this transformation, H3C has introduced the digital classroom solution, which aims to enhance teaching quality and offer equitable, personalized, and innovative educational experiences for schools.

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Complex Deployment

Complex infrastructures necessitate extensive deployment and cabling, with onsite software and app setups for each classroom.

Limited Engagement

Educators face limited student engagement, cumbersome ICT tool integration, and the absence of systematic student performance tracking during and after class.

Resource Constraints

Students encounter a lack of engaging and demonstrative teaching methods, restricted access to learning materials, and unequal resource allocation.

Evaluation Inefficiency

Supervisors grapple with on-site class oversight and the absence of post-class learning analytics, leading to suboptimal efficiency.

Maintenance Bottlenecks

Inefficient on-site troubleshooting, software updates, and a lack of centralized device monitoring and management compound operational challenges.


  • Course Supervision .png

    Course Supervision

    Course Supervision .jpg

    Course Supervision

    -Supervision staff efficiently assess the teaching quality of multiple classes remotely
    -The LMS system automatically outputs students' online learning analytics

  • Multi-Classroom _ Online.png

    Multi-Classroom & Online

    Multi-Classroom _ Online.jpg

    Multi-Classroom & Online

    -Students listen to lectures from renowned teachers remotely
    -Students discuss with each other from different classrooms/schools
    -Students listen to classes remotely at home

  • Collaborative Classroom.png

    Collaborative Classroom

    Collaborative Classroom.jpg

    Collaborative Classroom

    -Practice-oriented PBL classroom to enhance personalized education
    -Group discussion and comparison display of multiple group screens

  • Interactive Classroom.png

    Interactive Classroom

    Interactive Classroom.jpg

    Interactive Classroom

    -Interactive teaching through H3C HeyBoard with students’ pad/mobile/laptop
    -HD record enriches online materials
    -AI teacher portrait offers a vivid online learning experience

Elevate your learning experience with H3C's Digital Classroom Solution

The H3C digital classroom solution primarily includes intelligent terminal devices like Heyboard and MagicHub displays, cameras, and audio-visual boxes for course recording and interaction. It also features network devices ranging from access points to core switches to ensure seamless experiences, as well as servers and software for learning resource management.

Solution Architecture.png


Rich Functions

H3C enhances educational delivery from E-learning to online learning with a feature-rich LMS platform.

Intelligent Interactivity

H3C's AI technology provides vivid online learning experiences and expands student knowledge with AIGC capabilities.

Multi-Screen Flexibility

The H3C HeyBoard supports configurations from dual to quad displays, ensuring smoothly writing and operation experiences

Streamlined Integration

H3C significantly reduces cabling and setup complexities by merging multiple functionalities within the HeyBoard and Magic Hub solutions.

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Easy Deployment.png

Simplified Management

Central management system offers remote control, software upgrade, and troubleshooting.

Convenient O_M.png

Easy Deployment

Simplified architecture with efficient batch installations of software and apps.

Learning Analytics.png

Insightful Analysis

Online learning analysis, allowing educators to tailor content according to student needs and progress.

Remote Supervision.png

Efficient Supervision

Supervisors can remotely assess teaching effectiveness, ensuring high quality education delivery.

Enhanced Interaction.png

Interactive Learning

Facilitate dynamic engagement between educators and students' devices.

Rich Resources.png

Abundant Learning Content

High-definition course recordings and handwriting retention provide students with a wealth of accessible learning materials.