H3C Launches all-series AI firewall for smart protection

H3C Launches all-series AI firewall for smart protection

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At NAVIGATE 2019 with the theme of "Digital Navigation, Smart Future", H3C has launched the all-series new generation AI firewall. The firewall innovatively integrates AI technology, using a high-performance architecture of dual GPU + dual CPU + AI module, providing a powerful computation up to trillions times per second. Characterized by perception, learning and intelligent action, it supports nearly one hundred AI-empowered security models. The AI firewall can combine the smart security solution, collaborative and cloud-wide network protection to achieve high-density integration of cloud-network-security convergence, streamlined O&M, and situation visualization of the whole network. The launch of the AI firewall marks the comprehensive upgrading of H3C's information security in intelligence.

With the evolution of information technology, the network border becomes more open and dynamic, while network threats are more hidden and destructive. However, the traditional firewall, which relies on the signature and feature base technology, is not enough for such complex security situations. Based on the concept of "Intelligence-Driven Active Security", H3C launched a new AI firewall, which has changed the situation of traditional firewalls of slow discovery, poor response, and difficult O&M.

The H3C AI firewall uses self-developed AI chips and integrates dozens of AI algorithms, featuring three major capabilities of "perception, learning and intelligent action". It can actively build network threat models, enhance the perceptual dimension, and explore threats in depth, thus improving the security capability.

• Perception: It is a prerequisite for the firewall to "perceive" threats in complex and changeable network environment. The H3C AI firewall collects and builds fingerprint sets through big data algorithm, and connects to the smart security platform to enable multi-type terminal perception. For example, the AI firewall enables the comprehensive perception of the IoT environment through terminal access, application protocol identification, and then the learning-deduction-modeling process.

• Learning: Based on the "smart kernel", the H3C AI firewall is endowed with the capabilities of deep learning and machine learning. First of all, the firewall generates user behavior baselines and behavior portraits through behavior and data analysis. Meantime, it improves the abnormal behavior detection mechanism through the learning of attack behavior and in-depth network perception. In doing so, when the user behavior triggers the abnormal behavior detection mechanism, the AI firewall will output abnormal information at the first time, thus realizing the visualization of business risks.

• Intelligent action: This capability follows H3C's core concept of "active security", that is, to attack potential threats actively, instead of defending them passively. When an intrusive attack tries to spread in the network, the AI firewall will perceive and detect its attack behavior, divert it to the "honeypot", and further capture the hacker or isolate the attack source, making the attacker has no place to hide.


Information Security Exhibition Area at NAVIGATE 2019

During the event, H3C also set up a 200-square-meter security exhibition area, where participants can experience the working principle, features and advantages of the AI firewall through the AR technology. Based on the concept of "Intelligence-Driven Active Security", The H3C AI firewall also combines with the smart security solution to provide customers with a clear view of security risks, and present customers the core value of "active detection, prediction, collaborative defense, and intelligent evolution".

According to Li Zhang, President of Information Security Department and Vice President of H3C, AI firewall is a milestone product in H3C's information security system which greatly enhances the accurate analysis of unknown security threats and the efficiency of handling of security incidents, thus providing comprehensive security for the digital economy.