SimpliVity: Data Magic in the Age of All-Flash Storage

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Is there a product or a technology that offers the performance and reliability of a Solid State Drive (SSD), but whose capacity cost is similar to that of a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)?

Yes. It is SimpliVity.

There is no doubt that SSD have overwhelming advantages over HDD in terms of performance, energy consumption, and stability, but costs may still be a problem facing enterprises hoping for comprehensive transition to all-flash storage.

The acquisition costs of SSD are declining from the peak in early 2018, but so far, it is unrealistic to expect the costs to approach that of HDD with the same capacity in a short time. Most enterprises emphasize more on capacity than on performance.

In order to meet the growing needs for higher capacity, for a single enterprise-grade HDD, its capacity has currently reached 12 TB, and the amount of data stored inside it has exceeded the total amount of data in any enterprise ten years ago. In spite of the increase in the capacity of a single disk, the performance and stability of HDD have not changed much over the years. It is impossible to reconstruct data quickly without disruption of business when several large-capacity hard disks are damaged at the same time, and the impacts on enterprises are often catastrophic. How to rapidly deal with the exponential growth of data has become a problem that plagues these enterprises.

Meanwhile, since enterprises have chosen all-flash storage for its reliability and performance, they will not only enjoy the premium experience brought by SSD, but also face the challenges of explosive growth of data beyond expectation. In terms of the cost per TB, enterprises may face the dilemma of whether they should store all data in the all-flash storage system.

So is there a product or a technology that offers the performance and reliability of a SSD, but whose capacity cost is similar to that of a HDD? Yes. It is SimpliVity.

SimpliVity is a hyper-converged HPE/H3C product with the highest efficiency of data deduplication/compression, and discharges relevant loads from the traditional CPU to a dedicated FPGA accelerator, enabling users to experience incredible data efficiency without any loss of host performance.Currently, the average deduplication/compression ratio of SimpliVity devices at over 10,000 nodes around the world is 52:1, which means enterprises only have to buy 10 TB of SSD (all-flash storage) for the storage of 520 TB of data.

With special software codes and dedicated hardware for efficient deduplication/compression, it seems that SimpliVity has magic power on data. since then, No more need to buy full storage capacity, no more need to worry about frequent expansion. Just need to buy a fraction or several tenths of the planned capacity, and you are buying all-flash storage ones.